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Your very own honey-bunny

Your very own honey-bunny
Ella Tan
  • On April 5, 2015

Looking for a furry friend to love? How about a bunny? Sure, you can go upmarket and pick a chinchilla, or opt for a shy guinea pig, but don’t overlook the humble bunny. So, what’s special about wabbits, you ask?

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Well first of all, they are affectionate, sociable and communicative once you bond with them. Get past that ‘stranger’ stage by spending time with them, stroking their heads, and making them feel loved. As rabbits sleep at night like humans, you won’t have to stay up to play with them or worry about a restless bunny looking for things to gnaw on while you sleep.

bunny diet

bunny food

Rabbit-care is simple. Their diet consists of green hay, green leafy vegetables, healthy pellets and treats. Take note that white vegetables such as cabbage can make the rabbit bloated. They don’t need bathing; it can actually be fatal for them. Once they are litter trained, all you have to do is change their litter box daily. Ensure that the litter box is lined with newspaper mats and pvc so their little paws are clean. Also, take them for monthly grooming to maintain their fur and nails. House Rabbit Society Singapore even provides home grooming services.

Most of us don’t have much time to spend with our beloved pets and often worry that the pet doesn’t get enough stimulation and attention. It would also be unsafe to let the pet roam free around the house. Solution? Make a playpen so the rabbit is not caged up during the hours you are not able to play with it. A playpen about an area the size of a single bed will do. You can also make them a play area out of cardboard boxes with holes at each end so they can “burrow” in and out. Do interact with them while they’re playing. It’d be even better if you can let the rabbit roam around the house for 2-4 hours a day. As long as it has been properly litter-trained, you needn’t worry about finding ‘surprises’.

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