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Set up a home gym

Set up a home gym
Ella Tan
  • On March 20, 2015

By ALEXANDRIA WONG – Home gyms – For many of us, that’s an oxymoron.  Let’s be completely honest, how many of us would choose to exercise instead of laze on the couch, or maybe inspect the insides of our eyelids? And before you ask, yes, inspecting the inside of your eyelids is different from sleeping!

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As much as I’d love to talk about the best places to slee- inspect the insides of eyelids, let’s get back to the home gym.


 gym room

Home gym means exactly that – a space in your residence you designate for working out.  It doesn’t have to be huge; it can be the space where you have that extra comfy beanbag… I’m just saying.

Given how health conscious we are becoming, and how busy we all seem to be, home gyms seem the obvious answer to our exercise and time constraint woes! You can use your own body weight, or you can choose to buy some equipment like a yoga mat and a set of dumbbells.   Before you plan your home gym, let’s hear the opinions of some of Singapore’s finest personal trainers.

The Pros

gym Tze Khit 1

Gold’s Gym,

Don’t know what to do with that old chair? You can use it in your workouts!

gym Tze Wei 1

You won’t feel self-conscious and can feel completely at home because hey, you’re at home! Go ahead and grunt as loud as you want, no one’s going to stare.

gym Jon 1

Genesis Gym,


The Cons


It’s easy to say that you exercised just because you texted a lot, or opened the cupboard door for that bag of chips.  If you’re unlikely to have a personal trainer, discipline is something you’ll need by the buckets… anyone thinking ‘personal trainer’?

gym Jon 1

You won’t have the instruction of trainers while you work out.

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