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Yoga That Stops The Ageing

Yoga for Anti-Ageing
Priscilla Peck

Say what now? Yes, while we think of Yoga as beneficial for balance, building core muscles and staying flexible, most of us are unaware that Yoga is also an anti-ageing exercise. The new take is that activity which helps to improve blood circulation and suppleness will surely keep one young. As the Yoga saying goes, “You’re only as young as your spine!”. To reverse the years, sign up at Platinum Yoga and start defying gravity. Edited by Ella Tan.



Whether you are a beginner or a yoga enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the variety and depth of classes available at Platinum Yoga. Offering both traditional yoga like Hatha and Ashtanga and modern like Hot Shape or PY Aerial Yoga, as well as Pilates classes, the centre has certified teachers from India and conducts over 150 classes at both studios (Marine Parade and Suntec City). To get started choose the class that fits your goals and fitness level to achieve a better body, improved flexibility and over all well-being.


1. PY Aerial Yoga

Yoga moves are executed in mid-air with the help of hammocks – great for those who have chronic back issues, as it aids in decompressing the spine. It is also a total-body workout that increases your strength and flexibility. 


It is a new evolution of Yoga, traditional yoga given a modern touch. You are 3 inches above the ground hanging from a hammock. The aim is to enhance flexibility, stretching, improve alignment and develop strength. There are different styles to experience in Aerial Yoga  in each of the classes on the Platinum yoga mats. You will be practicing in the 3 dimensional space and expand your limits.



  • Increases height as it allows the spine to lengthen
  • Miraculous way to eradicate back pain
  • A major stress buster as it’s so much fun
  • Increases strength, flexibility and awareness of the body
  • Helps to calm mind, body and spirit
  • Introduces a whole new level of stretching.

2. Anti-ageing Yoga


Anti-Ageing is a part of Iyengar practice developed in the 1970s, where we use knotted ropes and anchors for correcting alignment. Understand the mechanics and get accustomed to hanging upside down.

 Students have moments where they feel the correct alignment on the wall, which they then carry to the floor to improve their daily yoga.


Learn how to play with the ropes and use various props, open up the joints, lengthen the spine, suspend in the air doing inversions and explore the many benefits of this new and exciting anti-gravity way of practicing yoga.

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  1. I love yoga because it relaxes me
    Great exercise!

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