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MedHatter answers health and beauty questions you never thought to ask.

From acne to rheumatoid arthritis, cancer treatment to alternative medicine and skincare, with the help of the medical and beauty community, we help the curious understand availability and effectiveness minus the jargon. Pluses: first-person experiences along with videos and sound bites whenever possible.

Target audience are the public, local and foreign, interested in a wide slew of wellness issues, both serious and lifestyle, as well as health professionals and product distributors.

We provide a platform for common folk to air their concerns and  for businesses to educate and understand their customers.

We take your products and services further as possible reviews and advertorials can reach the world and potential new markets. Customised content can dovetail with hot topics and individual directions. Feedback is easily and immediately gathered and clients’ social media presence enhanced.



Priscilla Peck

Having been influenced by her two older brothers, Priscilla has taken an interest in areas such as video games and comics but also loves cooking, yoga and drums. Upon completion of her undergraduate programme, Priscilla is currently enjoying the simplest of life doing what she loves, being a part-time geek, and hopes to one day travel the world and experience different cultures.


Diana Othman, Food & Design Hatter

Currently in her final year at Republic Polytechnic, Diana is about to graduate with her Diploma in New Media. Equipped with the knowledge and training to handle social media, she has had a blast working on the design of MedHatter – from the media kit to the weekly EDM. Being involved in MedHatter from its birth, she has a godmotherly interest in its future. Food is her best friend and she loves to write about what she eats! /munch munch/


Dominic Seah, Tech Hatter

Currently undertaking his Bachelors of Commerce at the University of Western Australia, Dominic is a self-professed comic book geek and a great lover of Japanese cuisine. When he’s not studying or working, Dominic enjoys learning how to cook, and playing the guitar and ukulele.



Cecilia Tan, Travel Hatter

Cecilia enjoys working on her first love, travel photography and writing. As a former writer, stylist and photographer, she finds tremendous satisfaction in spinning a story. Having lived and worked in different cities in Europe, she wired to trends and enjoys spotting the best eateries and shopping haunts. Cecilia hopes to share more travel stories with readers who want to get around quickly on their own.

Read about her stories on Medhatter Escape:

No Bahts About It –’s-still-great Honeymoon in HuaHin  Tokyo 


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MedHatter Singapore warmly welcomes contributors, photographers, graphic designers, writers, everyone with a passion for all things medical, bright and happy. Feel free to contact our editor at: or

Is Gluten Really Bad For You

December 31, 2015 |

A gluten-free diet has become the new Atkins-craze. Restaurants and stores are scrambling to offer new menu options for consumers who swear they can’t or won’t touch gluten. But what is gluten in the first place and is it reallyRead More

Top 10 Christmas gifts for her

December 16, 2015 |

We at Medhatter know how nerve-wrecking it is to shop for the perfect gift for that someone special during the holiday season. So we specially curated our top 10 favourite gifts for Christmas 2015. Check out … Read More

How to be a Graceful Pooper

November 6, 2015 |


I know at least two people (one male and one female) who cannot do Number 2 at work or in a public toilet. They will drive home as soon as they feel a rumble down under, determinedly … Read More

Food Tripping in Hong Kong

November 5, 2015 |

Hong Kong’s food galore. As compared to shopping along the streets of Hong Kong, I would think the food stands out more than anything else. It could probably be because of the change of season in Hong Kong … Read More

Ocean Park’s Halloween

November 2, 2015 |

Medhatter writer is back from her Hong Kong trip and is ready to share little snippets of Hong Kong life and experience! 

We have all heard about stories of The Horror Night at Universal Studios Singapore, … Read More

Sick of the haze

November 2, 2015 |


If your eyes have been irritated for months or you haven’t been able to shake off that dry cough, the cause may be the lingering haze.

Top image:

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Meaningful gifts

October 31, 2015 |


To get into the true spirit of this season of love and hope, do your bit to help others whether it’s children in distress, an aged neighbour, an animal shelter, or people far away.

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Hallow What?

October 30, 2015 |

When we speak of Halloween, this is the kind of things that comes to our minds:

Everything out of a horror movie, you can find it in this festive season of Halloween, but what exactly does … Read More

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