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Wakey wakey! Don’t sleep on the job

Wakey wakey! Don’t sleep on the job
Furbie's Mama


  1. Pause for a coffee


sleep coffee

As every office in Singapore is air-conditioned, we can’t blame the heat for our lethargy unless your job entails running between meetings at other places. So, the culprit is what is known as post-prandial sleepiness i.e. after a meal blood glucose levels rise and we go into a food coma. Hence, avoid a heavy carb-laden lunch. Alternatively, wake yourself with a mid-afternoon cup of coffee. Now that coffee is credited with health benefits, you can have a guilt-free cup or two.


  1. Nap and rewind


sleep pod

If none of the above work, try getting a job at Google where sleep pods are available for naps. Do bear in mind that such amenities are rewards for hardworking, productive employees who don’t clock watch. Google bosses know that employees need a nap as many are not averse to literally “living” in the office to complete projects.

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