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Valentine’s Day – Singles, step out!

Valentine’s Day – Singles, step out!

| On 13, Feb 2015

Single, free and not ready to crawl under a rock while romance envelopes the city? PEARLYN NG suggests you join the fun. Remember that St Valentine wanted to spread a message of love, so here’s how you can rise to the yolo (you-only-live-once) challenge.

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1) Miss/Mr, a flower for you?

At the top of the list is saying it with flowers. Go to the market florist or for wholesale prices, Far East Flora at Thomson Road and buy a huge bunch of any flower except the rose. Leave the roses to the love-struck ready to empty their wallets.



Along with equally single and gung ho friends, step out and offer a flower with an attached note or quote, or a free hug (if you’re broke) to a passing stranger. Snap this awkward moment of love and tag us with a caption @medhattersg & #medhattersg to redeem your reward.


2) 3 words for you

Did you make or buy something­­ for your family and friends this Valentine’s? Make the effort to see them with a little gift so they know you care despite not meeting often. After all, these are your nearest and dearest who will be there for you for a lifetime.

valentine burlap bags


If you’re still looking for a menu of DIY Valentine’s gifts, look no further.


3)  How are you doing today?

valentine pups


Be a Volunteer Valentine. Bring some woofy/kitty treats to an animal shelter. Animal sanctuaries like Animal Lover’s League welcome you and your food/monetary donations which will go a long way to sustain rescued strays. Alternatively, visit an orphanage or old folk’s home to bring cheer to people who’ll be glad to see you.


4) Too lazy to move…

We totally understand if you just want to laze at home. Snuggle with Mr Teddy while watching any of these 5 movies we recommend!

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