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Unique stays in Europe

Unique stays in Europe
Furbie's Mama

Feeling jaded by the tedium of everyday life? Looking for a European escape but with no idea what you want? Let Kerene Ng help by sharing her booty of quirky European properties available on Airbnb.


Romantic Treehouse

Treehouse in Italy (Photo screengrab from Airbnb)

Treehouse in Italy (Photo screengrab from Airbnb)

For a room with a view, what can be better than a treehouse on a hill at the foot of the western Alps? It’s home suite home up high with a garden and a swimming pool {imagine swimming at an altitude surrounded by natural beauty, how awesome is that?)

Its 18,000 sq m garden comes with majestic trees – some all the way from Lebanon, while others are native to Italy. Nature and adventure-lovers are spoilt for choice, with options to walk, hike or bicycle on scenic paths singing “The hills are alive, tra-la-la…”

And how can any Italian escapade be complete without fermented grape juice? Join a wine tour to try the local varietals, and feel free to raid the property’s wine cellar. Just don’t fall off the tree!

For more information, visit Romantic Treehouse in Italy.

Luxuriate in a medieval Italian hill town

Casa Civita in Italy (Photo screengrab from Airbnb)

Casa Civita in Italy (Photo screengrab from Airbnb)

Got deep pockets? Experience how the privileged vacation. In this 14th century medieval Italian hill town visitors can walk back through time. Here are beautifully preserved tiles, tombs, underground caves, water cisterns dating back 600 years.

Yet, visitors can enjoy all the modern comforts of en-suite bathrooms and tailored services such as a personal cook, grocery shopping, personal driver and tours. Guests will also have access to a private garden, pool, jacuzzi, as well as exclusive wine cellar.

For more information, visit Casa Civita in Italy


Get a royal break

Castle Apartment in Berlin (Photo screengrab from Airbnb)

Castle Apartment in Berlin (Photo screengrab from Airbnb)

Here’s something worth boasting about – a genuine castle stay in Berlin. At just SGD 370 a night, the price is a steal considering the apartment can accommodate 6 guests. Make it a family vacation or organise a trip with friends.

To entice you, the castle apartment opens to your own private park housing majestic and beautiful trees. And no, there is nothing dank or dreary about castle living. The apartment’s modern furnishings come with 24 skylights.

Location: Right in the center of the city, making it easy for guests to travel anywhere. The awe-inspring Victoria Park is right beside the castle, and if you feel like visiting the fashionable side of Berlin, Kreuzberg, the subcultural capital of Berlin is just half an hour away.

For more information, visit Castle Apartment in Berlin.

Turn turtle  

1SQM house in Berlin (Photo screengrab from Airbnb)

1SQM house in Berlin (Photo screengrab from Airbnb)

Discover Berlin for just 1 Euro per night in this 1 sq m movable house.

For backpackers in Europe, all you’re probably concerned with is finding a place to lay your weary head after a long day of sightseeing.  This clever accommodation means all you need is a sleeping bag to snuggle into in a compact little house that can travel with you. It comes with lockable slide-door, a desk for your laptop, and a mattress.

The One SQM House is a social Do-It-Yourself-project created by the BMW Guggenheim Lab. It aims to allow travelers to explore without busting their budget. If you’re traveling with a friend, fret not, rent two little houses and park them side-by-side for a cozy, yet private arrangement.

For more information, visit 1SQM House in Berlin.


Houseboat by the lake 

Houseboat in Sweden (Photo screengrab from Airbnb)

Houseboat in Sweden (Photo screengrab from Airbnb)

Yearn for a minimalist lifestyle or some reflection time? See if you can survive the chill of a Scandinavian lakeside houseboat with only a mattress, small stove and serene waterscape. Oh, and of course bathroom and kitchen amenities in the owner’s house. Perfect if you can ride a bicycle as that’s your means of transport to go supermarket shopping or grab a meal.

For more information, visit Houseboat in Borsöknasjon.

Chase the Northern Lights 

Cabin for Northern Lights in Sweden (Photo screengrab from Airbnb)

Cabin for Northern Lights in Sweden (Photo screengrab from Airbnb)

Another great getaway for alone time or when you need to hide from a pesky ex, is a cabin stay way up north in the environs of the village of Pirttivuopio. Never mind if you can’t pronounce the name. Just know that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to catch the surreal Northern Lights if you make it between late autumn and early spring.

For the avid photographer and astronomy buff,  this will allow you the seclusion to capture stunning mages. Be warned though that this experience is not for the faint-hearted. There is no electricity in the cabin.

For more information, visit Cabin in Sweden.

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