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Turn the other chic

Turn the other chic

| On 31, Jan 2015


The first thing that strikes you when checking out is how effortless dressing up can look. The range is comfortable and feminine with nothing over-the-top or too sweet or too cute. It’s really for women comfortable in their own skin who want the freedom of dressing up or dressing down by accessorising or playing with what they have in their wardrobe.

Luca bw stripes

And indeed, that’s exactly what the designers – Anastasia Buchinskaya and Belinda Alice Jacobs – had in mind when they started their online label.

“Our focus is on designing pieces that won’t go out of style, that can be re-worn again and again, without looking out of date, similar to a classic pair of jeans that you can pair with different tops. Our dresses and tops can also be paired with different outerwear or bottoms to suit different occasions and moods.”


Luca Ruca – cool vibes at cool prices – $26 to $38.


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