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Trippin’ Alone

| On 29, Jan 2015

While some might find it lonely, there are advantages to traveling solo. You can see what you want and move at your own pace. When I was young, my mother used to go alone on business trips to Thailand and KL every month. When she returned, she would regale us with stories and survival tips like these which might seem obvious, but which many tourists forget:

  1. When in Rome
    • Live like the locals. If they eat at the roadside, you do the same. If they catch fish in their backyard, fish with them. That’s what I’ve tried to do and it’s provided interesting experiences.
  2. Seal those lips
    • Avoid being offensive by watching what you say.
  3. Dress appropriately
    • Be sensitive to the culture of the country. Locals appreciate visitors who make an effort to blend in.
  4. Pick up words in the local language
    • This obviously is too much trouble if you are going somewhere for just a few days, but if you have a favourite destination, make an effort to learn enough for simple communication or at least polite words like hello, thank you, good morning etc. Locals will be more helpful when you’re friendly.

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