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TRAVEL Sail Away

| On 30, Jan 2015

It was my first time on Royal Caribbean or rather on a cruise ship. And I was told by friends that I was in for a real treat. Where else can you go mountain climbing in the middle of the ocean? Or watch a Broadway-style production one night and a Vegas-inspired show the next? Even if you’re a veteran cruiser, you’d find there’s always some new adventure onboard just waiting to be discovered.


Upon clearing customs, you leave your passport in the safekeeping of the Royal Caribbean staff till the end of the cruise. So it’s important that you carry your sea pass with you at all times especially when you embark and disembark. In addition, the sea pass also serves as an access card to your cabin and it’s used to record your transactions onboard.

Fun onboard

After relaxing at the Schooner Bar with a Venetian cocktail Belini, and live guitar music, I joined the other passengers for a mandatory safety drill. Despite the overcast sky caused by an early afternoon shower, I managed to catch a glimpse of Pulau Bukom and the sprawling oil refinery facilities on the island as we made our way into the Straits of Malacca.

For dinner, I made a reservation at Romeo & Juliet restaurant where service is very personalised and each waiter, who is assisted by an assistant waiter only serves designated tables at any one time. The creamy onion tart that I had for a starter whet my appetite for the chef’s special which was Japanese salmon. My waiter Weifeng recommended a neutral Italian white wine Pinot Grigio Danzante to go with the catch. That proved be to an excellent combination.

On the road to KL

After a good night’s rest, I was fully recharged for an early start as we docked at Port Klang, Malaysia at 8am. From here, we will go ashore to Kuala Lumpur, which is located 75 minutes away by car.

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