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Tips for Hassle-Less Laundry

Tips for Hassle-Less Laundry
Priscilla Peck

“Do your laundry!” says the mother. We all can resonate how dreadful those 3 words feel when we are perfectly fine lazing on the sofa snacking our favourite chips while watching an episode of “Friends”. No one likes doing the laundry, we do it because we have to. 



To all my lazy friends out there, we now share 6 life-saving hacks to quickly get your laundry done so that you can get back to another day of potato-ing on the couch:

1. Pick machines with streamlined features

We all dread doing the laundry because of the amount of work we have to do to get everything washed, dried and ironed. Choose wisely machines with features that will simply your entire process. New machines on the market now offer anti-crease cycle, which means less ironing time! Oh that heat we feel everytime we do the ironing, especially is this sweltering weather could not have made it worse. 



2. Large loads, less time

Washing in larger loads not only saves you from the hassle of having to do the laundry every single day, it only saves on energy cost. Whether you are a multi-generational family or just a family of two or three, it is always good to know your laundry load so that you can determine the kind of machine capacity you need. Look out for those machines that offer shorter complete wash programme in the market.  

3. Descale regularly

Over time, deposits can be formed at hard water areas, so descaling would ensure that your machine’s longer life expectancy and efficiency. Descaling should be done at least every 3 months. 

4. Lower the temperature

The water does not have to be burning for it to rid off germs. Washing temperatures of 30 degrees is sufficient to reduce the germ factor of 1000. So turn down those temperatures and save energy, which equates to saving money for your family. Every dollar counts in a household. 

5. Don’t overload

While you want to clear your laundry load quickly, it is not advisable to overload your machine’s capacity. This will prevent bacteria formation and formation of odour in the appliances and clean laundry. So it is very important that you assess your daily laundry load to ensure you purchase the right machine for your family. 

6. Soap-up the soap box

You may or may not know this but it is important for you to wash your detergent dispenser after every wash to prevent build up of bacteria and undissolved soap powder. 

Bosch recently released 2 new models with capacity of 8 and 9 kg that allows you to clear your laundry load quicker! With enhanced features, Bosch HomeProfessional range would definitely help you get back to your drama sooner!


Medhatter-Washing Machine

Let’s all not be a Mr Bean on our next laundry chore. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to screw up your clothes!

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