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Throat rescue

Throat rescue
Ella Tan
  • On April 4, 2015

Even if it’s not the flu, coming down with nasal discomfort from allergies or some bug is a miserable feeling. Your nose runs, your throat hurts, phlegm makes you cough … You pop in lozenge after lozenge hoping that it will soothe the irritation or at least clear the phlegm.


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As someone who constantly falls ill, I am familiar with the feeling. Recently, as I was sniffling in the office as usual, my colleague offered me Huiji Herbalmint lozenges. I was skeptical of course but there was no harm trying. However, right before I popped it in my mouth, I saw the word semen as one of the ingredients and was horrified. Not to worry though, my research shows that ‘Semen Sterculiae Lychnophorae’ is a seed and not what you’d imagine.

The lozenge tasted surprisingly pleasantly sweet – not the weird kind of medicinal sweetness and also not  too herbal like most of the cough and cold remedies I have tried in the past It had the right amount of minty-ness to clear up my breathing and I have no idea where all my mucus went but the lozenge sure did a good job at getting rid of it. Another thing that I liked was that it didn’t numb my tongue like most lozenges.

Diabetics can opt for the sugar-free version – Herbalmint Mint Plus which gave such an icy mint blast that I felt like Queen Elsa of Arendale. Better than stuffing Vicks up your nose I promise.

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