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This is the way to wash your face

| On 31, Jan 2015

face wash

I’ve always had sensitive skin which entailed regular visits to the dermatologist where

I learnt the correct way to wash my face. Start by rinsing with lukewarm water. This will help break down some of the dirt and soothe the skin. Throughout the wash and rinse, continue to use lukewarm water.


Once you’ve wet your face it’s time to lather up. Massage your face with cleanser in a circular motion – making circles move outward from the center of your face. Spend a little more time on your t-zone, the area that produces more oil, and don’t forget your jawline and along your hairline where it’s greasy.


Then rinse off all soap by splashing water on your face while using your hands to remove any remaining cleanser. Don’t forget the sides of your face and the area around your nose and ears. Many people tend to miss the sides of the face which leads to soap residue build-up and can cause unsightly breakouts. Next, dry your face by dabbing with a towel. Do not rinse off soap or dry your face by wiping it with a cloth. Rubbing with a cloth can irritate, stretch and cause wrinkles. Softly pat your face dry and you’re done!

Do you have any tricks for a better face wash? Do share it with us!

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