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The art of stress relief

| On 30, Jan 2015

Everyone has their own way of managing stress. Some people turn to sports to keep physically occupied and stretch themselves to keep improving. Others take up art to express their feelings as a way to release stress. This form of stress relief is known as art therapy.

By expressing creativity, stress levels are lowered. It has been proven that drawing is therapeutic as it focuses the mind on the task at hand instead of on problems. In other words, it serves as a distraction.

Hobbies are a healthy way to maintain balance by providing interests other than work. It encourages alone time to focus on self and the satisfaction of doing something enjoyable.

To start on your own art therapy, all you need is a sketchbook for doodling or expressing your emotions by drawing things that you love.  Playing calming music will enhance the quietude and put you into the zone.

“To me, painting is a way to produce endorphins,” said Romina Arcaute, an artist from Mexico who was in Singapore for a recent exhibition, The Voyage of Continents at Mandala Fine Art gallery.

To inspire you to put pencil or brush to paper, attend art exhibitions like the one mentioned above. Check out our video of the opening night. – Diana Othman

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