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Super chicken soup for everyone

Super chicken soup for everyone
Ella Tan
  • On November 20, 2015


There is no need to introduce BRAND’S, the ubiquitous essence of chicken we are all given at exam time and when we are recuperating. Generally regarded as a health food (long before the term was coined), BRAND’S has never gone out of fashion.

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If anything, the almost two-century old chicken tonic has been rejuvenated with continuing R&D and with science to back grandma’s belief that it does us good. To keep up with the BRAND’S journey, we hear from Dr Philip Tsang Fai of Cerebos Pacific Ltd.

 Brands Philip Tsang

Dr Tsang says, “As a Senior Principal Scientist, I am one of many scientists that our company employs in various areas of the business. One of the key areas that I am involved in is the research of BRAND’S Essence of chicken on body functions, where I am part of a dedicated Research & Development team.

“This team consists of scientists as well as product & ingredient specialists, production experts, quality specialists, food scientists as well as other R&D personnel, who work together to bring a new product to life. We also have a dedicated Quality Assurance Department whose role is to enforce consistent quality management systems and regulatory compliance thereby ensuring that our products conform to internationally recognized quality standards.”

 Brands 1

  1. What is the science behind BRAND’S® flagship product?

BRAND’S® has invested a lot in research and technology. In fact, we were among the first food product companies (and probably the only one) back in the late 1980’s that invested heavily in scientific research for a food product, to the standards of product scrutiny normally carried out only by pharmaceutical companies for drugs. As a food product, there isn’t a regulatory need for it to undergo such scrutiny, but we wanted to understand the science behind the product and establish its efficacy.

The initial part of our scientific research focused on proving its efficacy. We collaborated with renowned universities to prove its efficacy and publish the evidence that scientifically supports what was traditionally believed.

Today, BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken remains the first and only essence of chicken that is clinically proven. There are 40 scientific papers on its efficacies published by leading universities in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and China. These studies have identified a number of health aspects including: reduces tiredness and improves concentration.

 Brands 2

  1. Has the formulation been tweaked over the years?

The formula is largely the same, but over the years with technological advancement we are able to improve on the extraction process and deliver consistency in quality and efficacy.

Building on the foundation of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken, we have over the years developed more than 60 products to meet specific consumer health. These include a range of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken variants with traditional Chinese medicine (ginseng, cordyceps, tangkwei), and non-chicken essence related products such as MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom to protect and enhance the immune system, Gen U Ginseng Nutritive Drink to support cognitive performance and clear thinking, and health supplements like ActivMove which helps in promoting joint comfort and mobility.


  1. How does it help to reduce tiredness and improve concentration?

Based on the various studies, essence of chicken has been proven to:

  • Facilitate the recovery from physical fatigue and reduction of tiredness, which could be contributed by its effect on the improvement of metabolism[1], and this improvement of metabolism could be achieved through its effect in enhancing insulin function[2].
  • Enhance attention or mental concentration as well as alleviating mental fatigue which are related to its facilitation of cardiovascular support to cognitive function.

[1] (Geissler et al, 1989; Ikeda et al, 2004; Lo et al, 2005)

[2] (Sim et al, 2009)


  1. Ivan Yap

    I’ve been taking Brand’s Essence of Chicken regularly for more than 40 years since my primary school days to the present. I swear by its efficacy as it helps enhance my attention and alleviate mental fatigue.

  2. Frandy

    Yes i need this as i have just moved house and need to prepare for my wedding next week!

  3. Kong meifong

    Have been drinking brands essence of chicken since I’m a teenager during my exams and when I’m into adulthood whenever I feel tired and needed that extra boost . Now im a mum , I gave it to my child during his exams too . It’s just like a traditional drink that goes generation to generations

  4. I need this to regain back my energy as past few days I’ve been taking care of my sick toddler . Waking up numerous times in the middle of night cleaning up all the vomit mess etc ….. I’m exhausted !!!!

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    YES!This was a super Chicken Soup for everyone, I am a mother, I got three kids always take care them and do house work very busy and tired, I always directly drink this been my power drink and continue support me everyday.I also one month few time steam Chicken put Chicken Essence give my kids to eat and drink, their love very much especially my daughter she is school team jogging member always need more power must drink more.haha
    liked and shared
    hope to win this awesome giveaway let my family power up.tks!

  12. CinCin

    A long time ago when I was still a student, my mum would asked me to drink BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken whenever I seemed tired and needed that extra boost. Now, I am taking BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken as they have health benefits, and keeps me energetic and alert, helps me to better concentrate in my work .

  13. LIZ Chan

    BRANDS always trusted brand. Followed at fb user: Liz Chan

  14. Chong yu tong

    Great article that I can learn from!

  15. Amy

    BRAND’S Essence Chicken really help alots especially when am having late nights. It help to reduce my tiredness and improve on my concentration!!

  16. Ang yan ling

    Must drink to keep healthy.

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    Super chicken soup for everyone!

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  21. Helen Bain

    Whenever I feel weak or tired, automatically I will have a bottle of BRAND’S Essence Chicken.

  22. Ester Em

    When I was still studying, my mom used to buy me BRANDS Essence of Chicken. She said it’s to give me that extra boost of energy. Then I had a family of my own, my hubby buys BRANDS Essence of Chicken for us to keep with the kids. I’ve never been happier and my mood has been the best. It keeps us fit, healthy and strong. I now recommend it to my nieces and nephews, specially when they are cramming for the exams or during those horrible flu season. And of course, this would be the best Christmas gift for them- health in a bottle! :-)

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    Liked & shared. Brands Essence of Chicken my trusted brand.

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  26. Jazlinlin

    Facebook Name: Jazlinlin Jaz

    I had been feeling lethegic lately didn’t have enough rest. Need some booster to strength my immune system and health status

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  28. Winning them allows me to add into cooking for the family. With the erratic weather these days I could use a couple of bottles into chicken soup and warm the stomachs of my loved ones in family. Thank you!

    Fb name is Michelle Ng.

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    I hope to share this with my family because it's something that will keep all of us at pace on work/ school, giving us the focus , and healthy lifestyles , and also, BRANDS Essence, is our one and only choice to keep us healthy, and this will definitely be the best for them !

  31. Ebonex ANG

    Take chicken essence before important meeting kept me alert! Also during my confinement I take it daily for a month and it really helps me to be able to cope with new born babies for my first two children. Love chicken essence

  32. Julia Pang

    I always drink essence of chicken when I feel fatigue! It really can boost me up throughout the day! This is the brand I trust!

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    This has always been my most essential during exam periods and late nights at work! Thank you for accompanying me through life! Liked and shared :)

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  37. I have been drinking brand’s since young, they have many different types of products now but overall i still prefer their essence of chicken, still the best in my opinion.

  38. I love Brands!

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  41. With today’s busy lifestyle, it is inevitable that a lot of people, including me are under a lot of stress and are feeling too tired mentally. This is especially so for me as I discovered that my memory is not as good as before. That is why I seriously need a hassle-free tonic like BRAND’S Essence of Chicken that will provide me with the daily nutrients required for my health maintenance and mental alertness. Liked and shared
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    Done all steps ! Thanks very much and have a nice week ahead ! ??? *keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard* Facebook Name : Irfan Ozil

  47. Sunny lim

    Since primary school and Secondary school , Mummy has never stop giving me Brands Essence during my exam period … When I went to Diploma and Advanced diploma, I never stop introducing to my friends these during exams . Finally I passed my degree exam all because of Brands Essence❤️ Brands essence has accompanied throughout my success.! I will continue to recommend Brands essence to everyone out there!

  48. I love to win! as since young already love Essence of Chicken till now.

  49. Gillian Lee

    I have been consuming Brand’s Essence of Chicken since a very long time ago. A bottle a day can take take of my health, keeps me strong, awake and helps me think better.

  50. Bebe Lee

    Brand’s is a trusted brand which is well loved by my whole family. And Essence of Chicken has always been our number one choice.

  51. Melody

    I use Brands Essence of Chicken to add to my chicken soup to enhance the soup taste. It is yummy.

  52. Grace Lee

    Hope to win it for my mother. She has been drinking it since her younger days.

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    This article gives me a more understand of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken.

  55. JinXue

    I ask my mother to buy for me whenever exams are near because it helps keep me alert and concentrated on studying.

  56. Dorice Cheong

    Hope to energise myself with this win the same way it helped me during my school days back then!

  57. Brand’s Essence of Chicken is really the first thing i think of when i’m feeling tired & drained out. It can recharge my energy levels after consumption, just consuming one bottle can help me feel great the next couple of days! :)

  58. Jam Quek

    Hope to win it for my wife who’s recovering from an operation

  59. JN Lin

    Brand’s Essence of chicken my forever love ! Growing up journey with me from youth till now. Sticking through thick & thin with me in battle, keeping me alert & helps recuperating my body whenever i need it. My one and only love !

  60. Chay Hwai

    I have been drinking Brand’s Essence of Chicken since my school days. Mom gave it to me to keep my mind in good shape when I’m studying. Now that my mom is old and often gets sick, so I bought it for her. Brand’s Essence of Chicken is really a good tonic suitable for the whole family

  61. Jenny Neo

    BRAND’S Essence Chicken really help me and my family a lot . when I having my 2nd pregnancy my MIL pass me a bottle of BRAND’S Essence Chicken as it give extra boost of energy during my delivery . and during my kids exam time I will prepared them a bottle of Essence Chicken too for them to focus and concentrate . as a mother and a grandparent now I always give the best to my kids and grandchild .
    and I believe BRAND’S Essence Chicken will keeps us energetic and alert , and stay healthy :)

  62. BRAND’S Essence Chicken is always my all times favourite since young. =)

    It was introduced to me by my mother ans now i will continue to pass it down to my children.

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  64. Zhen Hui Koh

    I will always give my hubby a bottle sometimes 2 bottles of essence of chicken in the morning to perk him out as he has to travel very far to his office. Due to lack of sleep, it is very dangerous, that why essence of chicken is a MUST in the morning.

  65. CL Liana

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    Facebook : CL Liana

  66. Brands is the name venerated for genrations!!

  67. Love the health benefits of chicken essence to ward off illnes that’s proven to work!!

  68. Brands is the all natural remedy for all your needs!!

  69. Having is just the ticket to have a healthy Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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    BRAND’S Essence of Chicken always gives me energy, power and keep me strong..

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  77. Ashley Tan

    Wow, very informative article! Thanks for sharing!!!

  78. Brand’s Essence of chicken is my forever love! Growing up journey with me from youth till now. Sticking through thick & thin with me in battle, keeping me alert & helps recuperating my body whenever I need it. My one and only love!

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    Im a full time working mum with a 19mths old toddler and im currently pregnant. Everyday i awake at 6am to prepare my toddler’s breakfast & lunch before i go for work. After work, i do some marketing then back home & get busy with washing & tidying and spending time with my toddler. Everyday im rushing, rushing & rushing. Im often tired and i always count on BRAND’S Chicken Essense to boost me up.
    Hope to win. Its the best Christmas pressie for me now! :)

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    Enhanced vitality to boost our health to keep on going! *loves brands chicken essence

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    Before going to work in the morning, I will drink a bottle of Brand Essence of Chicken to bosst up my day.

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    As a stay home mum, need extra energy to deal with kids. With BRAND Essence of chicken boost me recharge my energy.

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    Im great fan of brands essence. My sister is a member of theirs and we often order from them. Great products, suitble for the young n old. I even buy them as gifts for my bosses n friends!

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    Brand’s Essence of Chicken is very nutritious and at the same time delicious. It can give energy that I need for the whole day of work. And almost anyone can take it so I will share it to my husband and be healthy and strong!

  103. Christine wang

    I will always drink this when I having my exam or I very tired I will drink it rather den coffee. It can keep us fit and healthy

  104. Drinking BRANDS Essence of Chicken is a good habit of mine since secondary school. it is my energy booster that makes me stay awake for my hectic lifestyle. Lazy person like me who seldom do exercise , taking Brands every day is the faster and smartest way to boost my system immune ! I trust it because I seldom fall sick because i have a strong body. Despite having a hectic day, I will have a restful night and sleep soundly too! Thank you Brands!

  105. Liked and shared. Love BRAND’S Essence of Chicken as it provides me energy and strength during my uni life.

  106. KC

    Who doesn’t know Brand’s, the parent-approved energy drink of generations X and Y?

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    Hope to win as I feel tired easily and Brands Essence of chicken can keep me alert and energised. ?

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    i love Brands. My whole family trust and drink Brands products to keep us healthy and energised.

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    I started drinking Brands since young, and i love it

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