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I know what I’d do this summer

I know what I’d do this summer
Ella Tan
  • On April 18, 2015


Summer holidays! Glorious days of blue skies and sunshine, beach resorts, crashing waves, cocktails al fresco OR seeing the great capitals of the world at leisure as the days are long enough to enjoy the outdoors… Whether it’s scenic wonders you seek or a tan whilst checking out the fish in the sea (pun intended), here are suggestions to start you dreaming.

berry islands

The Berry Islands, Bahamas

Great for those who want to fish, The Berry Islands are known as the “Billfish Capital of The Bahamas.” Activities are centered at Chub Cay, bordering the Tongue of the Ocean, which creates a Fish Bowl effect drawing fish in.



Bali, Indonesia

So, who doesn’t know Bali? But even with the usual tourist hordes, you can still have fun in Bali. With temples over 1000 years old, Bali offers history, culture, art as well as surfing and beach related activities. Visitors keep returning because they never get tired of the natural sights and fabulous street food. Learn to surf here and you can even try your hand at parasailing.



Boracay, Philippines

Dive off a cliff and into the beautiful clear waters. Hop from the many islands and enjoy the freshest seafood the planet has to offer.



Tokyo, Japan

In Japan, summer is the season for fireworks. There is even a fireworks competition during the Sumida River Fireworks Festival. Visit their glorious hot springs and enjoy their festivals, many with folk dancing for you to take part in. And of course, you can shop and dine till you drop.


Banyan Tree mayan chichen itzaBanyan-Tree-Mayakoba-Activities-RioSecreto-690x310



If you have the cash to spare and a special occasion to celebrate, fly right across the world to Mexico where the Banyan Tree Mayakoba is your gateway to the Mayan mysteries of Chichén Itzá. Here’s a beautiful riviera, romance, history and being far enough from the office to feel free.

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