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Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer Beauty Essentials
Furbie's Mama

photoHere is a warm hello from Emery Childs, a guest blogger this Summer. Currently living in New Jersey, Emery is a California native with a passion for all things bright, beautiful and healthful. She can’t wait to share with us her thoughts on how to achieve beautiful radiant skin and runway looks for summer. 

Medhatter Summer Summer Makeup Routine by Emery Childs

Summer means hot days and muggy nights; it only makes sense to change your makeup routine to adjust to the current climate change. Making some subtle changes in your makeup routine will make your look last day to night. Here’s a few summer tips to help your makeup beat the heat.

Cosme decorte - Keep It Clean

Cosme decorte – Keep It Clean

Start from scratch – Make Sure Your Face is Completely 

Before you even begin to prime your face make sure it completely clean. Often we neglect this step but it makes a huge difference in the overall end result. Take a makeup remover wipe, remove any makeup residue.

Directly following, wash your face. Towel pat dry and hydrate with your favorite moisturizer. I personally use cetaphil; it’s light, fragrance free and very affordable at $15-20 (depending on the pharmacy), very comparable to Clinique’s Dramatically  Different Moisturizing Lotion at a fraction of the price.


Moisture Moisture Moisture – Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

the award-winning Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Screen High Protection sunscreen range

the award-winning Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Screen High Protection sunscreen range

Make it last

Next, prime! This step is the difference between going to happy hour after work or having to going home and get ready all over again before going out.

Mist your fact by using a priming spray. MAC has a spray that is amazing but I prefer the more affordable and less “rich” version, Mario Badescu Facial Spray. It’s light, hydrating, and only $7! You can’t beat that! You can use it to prime, set and just for a hydrating kick throughout the day. Saying this is a summer must have is an understatement.

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