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Steps To Sparkling Korean-Like Skin

Steps To Sparkling Korean-Like Skin
Priscilla Peck


Koreans are widely known for their flawless, fair and radiant skin. They’re not all born that way you know! It takes hard work and daily commitment to be rewarded with such beautiful skin. No pain no gain right? On my trip to Korea, I was given the chance to attend a skincare workshop offered by one of the largest beauty chains in South Korea and I’m here to share with all you ladies, and gentlemen, the basic skincare steps you should follow for bright radiant skin even as you age. 



Step 1: Peeling Gel / Facial Scrub

To be done at least once a week, but don’t over do it as it can damage your skin in the long run. This step helps to exfoliate dead skin to reveal underlying fresh, new skin. Regular exfoliating keeps the skin smooth and bright. 

Step 2: Cleanser

Everyday cleansing is essential. For me, I do this step twice a day to clear makeup. For those wearing makeup, double-cleansing is advised i.e. cleansing oil followed by cleansing foam. This is to ensure that your skin is completely cleaned of any makeup residue to prevent clogging of pores. Always move in a circular in-to-out movement. 

Step 3: Toner

Similarly, always move in a circular in-to-out movement when toning. Toners tighten the pores and thus, reduce the penetration of impurities, keeping your face smooth and clear.

Step 4: Mask



Mask preferably once every 3 days, or at least, once a week. I have gone through the horrendous ordeal of having to go through many facial sessions to clear acne because I got lazy and skipped my skin care routine. Some say masks help to unclog pores, deep cleanse, and of course, give you bright glowing skin. If your skin is still showing redness or sensitivity, use sheet masks for the time being to avoid aggravating the skin.

Step 5: Essence

Usually used after applying toner, it helps skin better absorb the moisturizer, which is your very last step. Sometimes, essence is also known as serum or even toner. It can get a little confusing, but it is always best if you are confused, to ask the beauty advisor where you bought your products from for advice. For the product line I’ve been using, this was what was explained to me, and of course, also what I learnt at the facial workshop that I attended.

Step 6: Moisturizer

Last step, moisturizer. It does not mean that if your skin is oily you do not have to moisturize it. That is a common misconception. On the contrary, you would need a water-based moisturizer to balance out the oil content of your skin. My facialist also told me that we all need to balance the oil-water content of our skin as too much of either would cause acne and breakouts! (panic mode: on)

What brand products should I get if I have sensitive skin?

There is no one-size-fits-all brand product line to be totally honest. I have very sensitive skin, so I have tried many products and suffered countless breakouts, until I managed to settle down to one brand product. Every time I tried another because of ‘reviews’ from my friends, my skin would go haywire again. I learnt my lesson. 

However, it doesn’t mean that if brand A suits me means it would suit my friends with very sensitive skin as well. I know because I’ve recommended products to my friends and it caused a breakout for them. Moral of the story? Do not listen to others and try it on your own. As products are often pricey, if your friends have samples, get some from them and try before actually buying. 

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