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Stay invisible on WhatsApp

Stay invisible on WhatsApp
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It’s probably the only reason why almost everyone has their nose in their little-not-so-little screens even when they have company. Apparently, it’s better to talk to the person who’s virtually with you than to the person actually in front of you. Because, the exit door to the conversation is in the shape of a back button. Exit the app and you’re done. Whereas when face-to-face, the only way to exit a conversation, is to actually get through the conversation.

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In this mobile data and wifi era, where internet access practically pumps life through your veins, the new age of texting is through a little application known as: WhatsApp. It runs on internet access and mobile data. There’s no texting fee. Just good ole’ unlimited texting, 24/7. But, I’m pretty sure many of us have a love-hate relationship with WhatsApp, thanks to their ‘Last seen’ and ‘Blue ticks means it’s been read’ scheme.

Fret not, digital-age people who want to avoid other people. Let me show you the ways to ninja past the WhatsApp sensors!

How to view a WhatsApp message without going online and getting sold out by the blue ticks?

Method 1:

Switch on your ‘show preview’ option.

WhatsApp settings > notifications > Show preview ‘on’

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Using this method, you can read messages through notifications without opening the application!


Method 2:

When you receive a WhatsApp notification and you’re dying to read it, but you don’t want to go online, and you didn’t select the ‘Show Preview’ option; simply switch off all your mobile data or wifi and open up the app. The messages should be waiting for your eager eyes.

After reading, exit the app before switching on your mobile data and carrying on with you life!

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