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Spa some time for Mum

Spa some time for Mum
Ella Tan
  • On April 27, 2015

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For Mother’s Day, give mom a spa treat and ready yourself for the usual nagging about wasting money. However, we assure you she’ll love any one of these and will be proudly telling friends and family about the experience.

Here’s our pick of the best spa and beauty treatments for moms. Tried & Tested by Farah, Cecilia and Sharon.



Pamper her with a lavish spa session at the Remede Spa at St Regis. Posh and tranquil, the day spa offers an exceptional and extravagant experience. It has been said that spa owner, Mrs Kwek personally created the Jade Experience as the ultimate relaxation.

Just stepping into this beautiful and opulent spa took my breath away while transporting me to an oasis of calm.

We recommend the signature Warm Jade Stone massage where heated jade and flowing massage strokes helped loosen my muscles to leave a sense of wellbeing. In addition, the large jade stones put just the right amount of pressure on my body.

Friendly and professional, the therapist explained how combining gentle strokes with hot stones would improve lymphatic drainage.

After the massage, I was left to continue unwinding with a cup of bespoke tea and handcrafted chocolate before chilling out at the wet lounge.

You really have to try this to understand why I felt like a million dollars soaking at the eucalyptus-scented marble steam chambers.

At the end of the massage, I was told to apply the cold cycle by splashing ice chips on my body.

My therapist explained that the hot and cold therapy benefits the immune and circulatory systems by stimulating the metabolism and flushing out toxins.

The ice fountain is a sight to behold. The only one of its kind in Singapore, it’s inspired by the millennia-old European bathing tradition of using snow to cleanse the body.

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  1. Cecilia Chng

    I have already planned Mother’s Day this year like this… The bouquet of flowers will be delivered to the doorstep, bring her to her favourite restaurant and feast, followed by a KTV session, where she could sing and dance to her heart’s content!

  2. As

    We are going on a staycation this weekend to have an early celebration for Mother’s Day at Resorts World Sentosa! My mom will have lotsa bonding time with my little ones. I have also made reservation for a nice family dinner at one of the Chinese restaurant there. After dinner, I’m going to surprise my mom with a Mother’s Day cake! And we will end the night strolling around relaxing and enjoying in the long weekend atmosphere! This is pure happiness!

  3. I plan to buy a bouquet of roses for both my mum and auntie (who has been like a mum to me in every way), give both of them a treat at a restaurant that they both choose, buy a Mother’s Day cake for them and hand them their respective gifts before the clock strikes midnight (11th May). :D For my mum, I would have prepared a book of brain puzzles because she likes stimulating her brain and a pedicure voucher. And for my auntie, I would have prepared a body massage voucher. :D Both my brother and I will pick up the tab. :)

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  4. My mum has never been to a staycation. I will bring her to a nice restaurant to eat first and will surprise her with the staycation at MBS. We can go to the pool and admire Singapore view

  5. bring her to a nice spa, nice massage to rest and relax and unwind. she definitely deserves the best and a treat to be pampered after doing so much for the family. it’s just a simple gift to her but it’s just the simplest thing in life to relax your senses and enjoy life that would mean so much to her. thank you mummy for your never failing tender loving care.

  6. Sandra New

    Both of us will be having a lunch date,
    following by getting a bottle of perfume or a pair of gold earrings for her.
    A movie date after getting her mother’s day present.
    Tea snack: A cup of aromatic coffee & a slice of cake for both of us.
    Lastly, manicure & pedicure session to pamper my mum.

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