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Sobering ideas

Sobering ideas
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For some of us without the alcohol tolerance of the Russians, unrestrained drinking is a sure way to make fools of ourselves, and to wake with a splitting headache. The new liquor law might be a good way to curb drinking through the night, but if you’ve got an indoor happy occasion coming up and expect your glass to magically refill itself, be sure to get ready to stay steady.

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  1. Eat first

It is absolutely essential that you get some food into your belly before you fill it with copious amounts of alcohol. It will slow down the absorption rate and you will also (hopefully) feel full and drink more slowly. Do avoid salty food likely to dehydrate you. Keep eating through the night if possible.


drink food

  1. Milk the moment

If you’re not lactose intolerant, have a glass of full-cream milk or a good wedge of cheese before you leave home. The fat content will line your stomach.


drink milk

  1. Drink water

It’s obvious that drinking makes you run to the toilet more? Match each drink with a glass of water to remain hydrated. Dehydration shrinks our brain tissue and the resulting pressure from that is a headache. So drink more water during your drinking session. It also has the added benefit of easing the hangover.


drink water

  1. Take vitamin supplements

Your body loses a lot of vitamins when you consume alcohol, especially vitamin B. Take some supplements after drinking or eat food with high vitamin B content. It will fend off your hangover (somewhat), which can start even before the night is over.


  1. Take it slow

The only thing that can clear alcohol from the body is time. Everything else only slows the rate at which you absorb it. Drinking slowly means you do not overwhelm your body with more alcohol than your body can handle.  And don’t mix your drinks i.e. stick with beer or wine or Gin & Tonic, instead of drinking everything you’re offered.

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