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Snap the perfect selfie

| On 30, Jan 2015

It’s an addiction. Once you start looking good in selfies, you can’t stop! It’s so effortless, so vainglorious, so indulgent…but if you don’t do it right, you can look pudgy or plastic. However, there’s a thin line between attractive and unrecognizable, so here’s some advice on the art of the selfie from CHUA SWEE XUAN.

“Every time I go someplace, I take a selfie to record the happy moment. I even take a selfie when I go out for breakfast. The phone cameras are great because they are so handy and you can check that you’re looking your finest.”


“I started taking selfies because I was always dissatisfied with the photos taken by my friends. They just shoot straight on and make me look fat! So, I decided to show them my beautiful-confident face (haha)”



To check for sharpness, take a test shot.


1. To avoid a big face, hold the camera up, above eye level. The higher angle creates a slimming effect.

2. Now tilt your face to find an attractive angle.

3. Snap, you’re done!



Change expressions, make funny faces. It’s very boring posting the same look. Show different sides of yourself.



Finally, edit the picture to improve the background or brightness.

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