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Singapore's Invisible Heroes

Singapore’s Invisible Heroes
Priscilla Peck

Confess! When was the last time you stopped to exchange a greeting with the security staff in your office building? Or complimented the cleaning aunty?

You can’t remember? It’s high time you join the many supporting the #thumbsuptribute campaign. Initiated by U Care Centre (UCC) to publicly appreciate low-wage workers, it’s jolted Singaporeans out of our lackadaisical attitude towards The Invisibles – the silent army of workers who keep our country spick and span, and safe.


So, who’s the invisible heroes you want to thank? We asked some well-known Singapore personalities.

Jamie Yeo, TV Host, Radio DJ and actress


“I definitely recognize the security guards at my condo. This is going to the security guards at my condo, thank you so much for being so friendly and for always singing to my daughter when we walk by and entertaining her.”




Sebastian Ho, Guitarist (left) and Jody Liu, Blogger (right)



“Speaking for the landscape workers and security guards, thank you for doing a good work. It is hard work, but good job!” – Sebastian

Shouting out to the security guard at my office, thank you for always being so sweet and reminding me to watch out for the traffic as I walk out of the building.” - Jody


Yan Teng, Blogger (left), Qi Yun, Blogger (middle) and Yvonne, Beauty Blogger (right)


“To the office and HDB block cleaners, thank you for the effort to keep the place clean!” – Yan Teng

“This is to my office’s lady cleaner, thank you for doing more than needed. Thank you for always cutting apples for us even though it is not needed.” – Qi Yun

“This is for the security guard at my office. Thank you for being so patient with us because sometimes we do funny things and create troubles for you. But thank you for putting up with us!” – Yvonne

June Fong, Beauty writer




“To the cleaners and security guards, you are our unsung heroes, thank you for keeping our environment safe and beautiful. We want to let you know that we do appreciate your effort!”



Like most Asians, Singaporeans tend to be a little shy in showing our appreciation. All it takes to make someone’s day is a smile and sincere thank you. Next time when you walk past the security guards at your office or when they open the doors for you, or when a cleaner clears your table at a coffee shop, why not just smile and say thank you? It doesn’t take a lot of effort but to them, these little actions go a long way. 


Everyone wants to be recognized and be appreciated for what they’ve done, and they are no different. This special social effort is by U Care Centre, who advocates for a social change, a change that we can be more grateful for the little things. Do check out @UCareCentre on IG and their FB: U Care Centre.

Who is your invisible hero?


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