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Singapore Design Week 2015 highlight

Singapore Design Week 2015 highlight
Ella Tan
  • On March 13, 2015

By THADDEUS ANG – So much is happening to celebrate SG50 that many of us are overwhelmed and wondering what to catch in the course of this historic year. Just opened, the Singapore Design Week (SDW) is all about raising awareness of good design amongst Singaporeans, beyond those in design industries. It is held at the National Design Centre with free admission, so take advantage of it and head down to view the numerous exhibits.

Bring parents and grandparents for a nostalgic walk through the highlight of the SDW – the 50 Years of Singapore Design exhibit in collaboration with SG50. It will bring smiles of recognition as they remember old Singapore and see the face of our landscape changing to keep up with shifting priorities through the decades. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how design plays a part in things that we might not have given any thought to.


To pique your interest, here are a few highlights.

SG50 flag

A little known fact of the flag is how it was initially designed to incorporate different racial symbols and ideals. Red represented good fortune for the Chinese while red and white symbolised courage and purity for the Malays. The stars were because the Chinese were inspired by the communist flag of China while the Malays wanted a crescent moon.


The iconic sarong kebaya of SIA stewardesses was designed to allow stewardesses to retain “their sex appeal in a uniform which also reflects graceful femininity, which transcends the fads of fashion.”

SG50 Pandan Valley

Pandan Valley Condominium, the first condominium housing estate, had the luxury of spacious living units. It was also designed to nurture a sense of communal living that was lost as more people moved into apartment blocks. It was meant as an alternative to landed property for the middle class in a land-scarce Singapore.

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