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Sick of the haze

Sick of the haze
Ella Tan
  • On November 2, 2015


If your eyes have been irritated for months or you haven’t been able to shake off that dry cough, the cause may be the lingering haze.

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And you’re not the only one. Practo, Asia’s biggest doctor search engine and database, has charted the searches and appointments booked by patients during the haze period in Singapore. The proof is online.

  • Searches for eczema-related conditions grew by a staggering 136%
  • 3X patients have been searching for doctors for dry eyes and cough
  • Searches for dermatologists have grown by 33%

practo chart


The numbers are likely to be higher if a check is made with neighbourhood GPs and polyclinics which older people visit.

In the meantime, stay hydrated, arm yourself with saline eye drops and don’t leave home without your n95 mask.

Gas Mask Kiss, London December 1940

London, 1940 – Maybe gas masks will work better



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