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Serangoon's Local Delights

Serangoon’s Local Delights
Priscilla Peck

Staying in the Serangoon neighbourhood for 3/4 of my life, I spent a lot of time finding the best local dishes available, because let’s face it, most of us do not want to travel far on a lazy day home. Being a very picky eater (wish is a very bad trait because I tend to waste a lot of food), it can be a little tiresome to find suitable food. 



Here, I am going to share my favourite local delights in the vicinity of Serangoon, which would include nearby locations such as Hougang and Ang Mo Kio. I would say these are must-tries if you happen to be around Serangoon and want to try something else other than food in Serangoon Gardens!

Chicken Rice

This is my worship food. Just kidding. But who in Singapore does not love chicken rice? Other than if you’re vegetarian. Chicken rice is almost everyone’s comfort food, what more to a Hainanese-born. My brother loves to say “Chicken rice is in your blood”.

The chicken rice at this particular store has perfected the rice, chicken and chilli. The chilli isn’t too watery and packs a punch in its spiciness level. Although it may vary on different days, this plate of chicken rice usually suffices for my cravings. 

Address: Block 682 Hougang Ave 8
Operating Time: Usually until late afternoon about 5pm.

Another recommended chicken rice would be in this coffee shop located behind the temple of Serangoon North Ave 1. This uncle has been operating his store since my secondary school days, more than 6 years ago. Other than just chicken rice, his store offers herbal soups such as black chicken, and a variety of chicken dishes, such as fried lemon chicken cutlet, which is by the way, equally as delicious. The only downside to it is that he does not serve your chicken with chicken rice style rice. 

Address: Block 147 Serangoon North Ave 1.
Operating Time: All day until about 10pm.


This store has also been operating since my secondary school days. S11 was one of my favourite hang out places after school. My usual order for this would be the spicy tomyum banmian. It is so good. It tastes different from the other tomyum banmian I’ve eaten because of its slightly more thicker soup base. 

Address: S-11. Block 207 Serangoon Central.
Operating Time: All day.

Prawn Noodles



Now, after tasting my first bowl of prawn noodles from this store, I have never liked any other prawn noodles anymore. The uncle of this store cooks his soup with loads of prawns and it somehow just change the taste of the entire dish! This is the must-try for everyone because I can bet you’ll never taste another prawn noodles (especially its soup) the same again. 

Address: Block 682 Hougang Ave 8. Block 151A Serangoon North Ave 1.
Operating Time: 7 to 12-1pm. Shop closes early afternnoon after they are sold out.

Fishball Noodles



This newly opened community centre in Hougang, Ci Yuan, offers a wide range of hawker food. One of my favourite would be the fishball noodles. Some may say, how bad or how good fishball noodles be? Well, it can go very bad. But, this bowl of fishball noodles has a good texture of a fishball, along with non-drying noodles. This is especially important if you are ordering a take out. 

Address: Hougang Ave 9, Ci Yuan Community Centre. 
Operating Time: Supposedly 24 hours. 

Chicken Wings 



Who loves grilled chicken wings? I love grilled chicken wings. Along with some satay sticks, that would make the perfect night time snack, which I do quite often. My parents loves buying these little ones just in case we got hungry. What I love about this store’s chicken wings would be the taste of the chicken and especially the chilli. For all the chilli lovers like me, this one sets your tongue on fire but it tastes so good you can’t help it by take another mouthful, and another. 

Address: Block 681 Hougang Ave 8.
Operating Time: Until about 10pm.  

Special: Kovan Wanton Noodles



A little off of Serangoon area but this one is a bonus. This bowl of wanton noodles is to die for! Operating for more than 20 years, loyal customers would travel far and wide just to eat a bowl of this wanton noodles. It comes with spicy or soy based sauces, according to your preferences and can get quite spicy if you ask for more chilli. The charsiew is soft and tender and the noodles, just cooked perfectly, not too hard but also not too soggy.  

Address: Kovan Food Centre. Right outside Heartland Mall. Located beside the Japanese food store. 
Operating Time: Closed on Mondays. Opens until about 4pm.

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