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Seoul food: How to eat (and drink) Like A Korean

Seoul food: How to eat (and drink) Like A Korean
Priscilla Peck

Fried chicken and beer – a combo made in heaven. And no, we are not talking about snacking while watching a football game, This is authentic Asian fare, and there’s more in the way of food-alcohol combos worth trying out! Edited by Ella Tan

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen in Korean dramas how Koreans love to drink soju (소주), but did you know they actually have a variety of alcoholic beverages for pairing with different kinds of food?

During a trip to Korea, I learnt from a local how to enjoy meals the Korean way i.e. with alcohol. I got a taste of how the right alcohol helps to elevate the flavour and overall enjoyment of the meal. 

So, let me share with you how you should get the most out of your next Korean meal!

1. Chicken and Beer (Chimaek)



Chimaek (치맥) is a term Koreans use. If you are craving for some good chicken and beer, just say “Chi-maek” and any Korean willl understand what you’re looking for. Chimaek is a portmanteau word from meshing the word Chicken “Chi-kin) (치킨) with Beer “Maek-ju” (맥주). 

Chimaek has become a popular way for Koreans to socialize and unwind after a long day at work. Chimaek is also a popular delivery option, available almost anywhere in South Korea. You could be at the Hangang River and starving, all you have to do is make a call and the chimaek meal will be delivered to you at your exact location. Say what?

There are innumerable chimaek places in Korea but I highly recommend Poulet Chicken (뿔레 치킨) in Hongdae! I was always looking for fried chicken (I’m totally a fried chicken fanatic) since arriving in Korea and the day I got my fix, was not a disappointment at all. 

Medhatter-ChimaekKorea오렌지 두 뿔레  orange du poulet

This chicken is very different from the typical fried chicken we know. The sauce is to die for. Every bite you take just leaves you wanting more and more. This set of orange du poulet comes with onion rings and chips.

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