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Santorini of Asia

Santorini of Asia
Priscilla Peck

Vibrant town, colorful rooftops. Sounds familiar? I’m sure everyone has heard of Greece’s Santorini where buildings are colored beautifully in technicolor and on terraces. But wait, did you know Asia has it’s very own Santorini?

Let’s move down the grid from Seoul to … Busan! If you have a love for Santorini, or wished you have been to it, don’t forget to visit Busan’s very own Gamcheon Culture Village, the Santorini of Korea!

Entrance to Gamcheon Culture Village

Reaching little Santorini itself was quite a hassle, but the travel was worth it. Upon reaching the top and the entrance to Gamcheon Culture Village, we were greeted by a buzzling sight as many tourists and locals alike were gracing the entrance to the little village. 

There’s a designated route to best view the village and its best to follow the route if you do not wish to get lost, like I did, and spent an hour trying to get your way around back to the entrance because the maps aren’t very much helpful. 

There are many stalls to dine in or street food to get along your exploration route around the place. Many locals still live in these little huts, so do try to stay in the designated route, and also not make too much noise. 

Cafe on the Terraces

What was the best street food I found? FRIED. PIKACHU! For those who are clueless, this fried pikachu was all the rage in Korea during my visit. That morning my friends and I were just talking about finding it, and ta-dah, presenting our precious find! Well, we were all pokemon fans, so finding these adorable snacks for our hungry stomachs was just timely. 

Pork Cutlet Pikachu(Do note these little ones are made of pork, if you have any diet restriction.)

Continuing on the path, there were many spots you could take photos from and of. Getting to the top gives you an amazing view of the entire village, and also with those vibrant colors, don’t you just want to add it on to your instagram list? 

Medhatter-view from the top

And if any of you were curious, here’s a photo of me, pretty much dying from the walk because we were so lost and I’ve walked up and down so many steps, I lost count, and maybe sanity. 

Steps on steps

Getting There:

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