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Home cleaning Gadgets- Road test of Vacuum Cleaner with Petcare Tefal Silence Force 4A

Furbie's Mama

Review Overview

Energy Saving
Suitability for asthmathics
Able to reach every nook and cranny
Animal Care


Can doing household chores be a breeze? We test the Tefal Silence Force 4A vacuum multi-purpose vacuum. Designed for smart and effective cleaning from all floor types, we love that it has 3 levels of extreme filtration which makes a hit with those sensitive to allergens and dust. Turn on the silence mode should you want to vacuum when someone is asleep.
It has an animal pro care version for those who need heavy duty vacuum to clean out the fur shredded by pets during.

I especially love the fact that Tefal improved its ergonomics of users by having the option of adjusting the suction power with the handle. Now vacuuming is effortless and noise-free. The vacuum also comes with a Hygiene+ bag which is a highly-effective odour absorber. Say good bye to that cloud of dust with a simple flick of your wrist! If you’re a pet owner, the Animal Care Pro Version feature in the video comes with Maxi and Mini Turbo Brush that effectively picks up allergens, bacteria and fine fur on couches and furniture!

The Tefal Silence Force 4A vacuum cleaners are available at authorized electrical stores and departmental stalls. Price as follows:-
Silence force 4A (Mystic Blue/TW6451): $499
Silence Force 4A Animal Care Pro Version (Snow White/ TW6477): $599 #fur #animal #pets #vacuum #allergy ❤️ #clean #Tefal #medhattersg #med #health #dust #tefalsilenceforce

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