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Review: Polar Loop

Review: Polar Loop
Priscilla Peck
Medhatter-PolarLoopFrom Polar, Fitbit, TomTom, there are just too many fitness trackers to choose from. I was given the opportunity to review Polar’s fitness tracker and I’m here to share with you my experience. Ever since the launch of Fitbit a while ago, fitness trackers have become the must-have for everyone from the serious athlete to the health fanatic. 
As you can see from the picture above, the Polar tracker comes  in 3 colours; Blackcurrant, misty blue and smoky black. This very basic of trackers retails at 149SGD.  My test run lasted from 28 August to 4 September, and the battery held on, only fully dying on the 9th day. The battery, according to the manual, would last up to 6 days, and true to expectation, it started giving me signals that power was running low on the 6th day.  Medhatter-PolarLoopThe Polar Loop is adjusted by cutting the ends of the strap to fit your wrist. My wrist is really tiny, so it took repeated adjustments to get it right. It is really simple, and there’s even a video to guide you along. It is advisable to cut hole by hole so you do not over cut as it is not replaceable. 
For accurate results, ensure that the sensor is in contact with your skin. The numbers would still jump when it’s not worn or in contact with skin, but for accuracy purpose, wear it right. 
You are also advised to wear the watch on your non-dominant / non-master hand. If you wear the Polar Loop on your dominant hand, it’s possible it tracks activity that doesn’t really count, for example when you’re vigorously brushing your teeth.
The Polar Loop is very user-friendly. Download the app “Polar Flow” and sync it to your iPhone or Android phone to get detailed data of your daily status. You need to switch on the Bluetooth feature of your phone for the syncing (embarrassingly, it took me about half an hour to realize I needed to do that after much Googling). 
Medhatter-PolarLoop App Clock Medhatter-AppPL
What I like about the Polar Loop is that it is water proof! Yay to swimming with it and bathing with it on! Being forgetful, I sometimes forget to remove my watches, accessories, hair tie or clips before heading for the shower, and of course they all get thoroughly wet. It is great that I do not have to take this off. And for all the water sport junkies, you can now continue tracking your data activity status while doing water sports to get the most accurate results. 
Under the Activity segment of the Polar Loop fitness tracker, there are 3 categories; Jog, Walk, Up. Each category comes with a stated time, say “40 minutes”, referring to the time you need to spend doing that activity in order to reach your daily goal. When you input your height and weight, a calculation is done to work out how many calories you need to burn to stay fit. 
Medhatter-Polar Loop Activity
I think this function is really helpful especially for people like me who do not know how to count calories. Like if I run for 30 minutes, how many calories do I burn? I would probably just get so confused and would just ignore it altogether. It is also helpful for those who are very busy. Sometimes you lose track of time because of your busy schedule, this function can act as a reminder for you on how much more you need to  push yourself in order to reach your daily calorie burn. 
Another function of this fitness tracker is its 24/7 tracking, even while you sleep. It charts how much sleep you get and the times where you were restless. I guess I got a pretty good sleep with my 6-hour daily average.
Medhatter-PolarLoop Sleep Activity
One  downside is that it is not a fully standalone fitness tracker. While it provides most of the functions such as counting steps, time, calories you’ve burnt (which is an amazing feat by the way), I feel that what is missing is the heart rate sensor. 
For Polar Loop, if you would like to have an additional function of heart rate sensor, you have to purchase an accessory called “H7 Heart Rate Sensor”. 
In closing here are my likes and dislikes:
  • User-friendly
  • Jog, Walk, Up Function
  • Water resistance
  • Sends a reminder when you have not moved your position for too long
  • Trouble to get the right fit on the wrist
  • Heart rate sensor is an additional feature 
All in all, I really like the fitness tracker. I personally feel that this is an important item to have for working adults especially because we are mostly so busy and by the time we get home, we do not bother exercising. It serves as a motivation to embrace a healthy lifestyle and to start exercising. 
Stay tuned to MedHatter as my team will be doing more reviews on fitness trackers so you can find one that best suits you!

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