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Review: Philips Rice Cooker

Review: Philips Rice Cooker
Priscilla Peck

Time for another product review! If you work in an office, you’ll know what it’s like to feel very ‘sian’ with the usual lunch fare in your area. Or maybe you want to save money. So what better way to address both issues by cooking in the office? Today, our Medhatter writers will share with you our meal experiments with the all-new Philips Rice Cooker HD4514/60! 

Perhaps it’s because the rice cooker in my home is ancient, but I was really amazed by the new-age multipurpose rice cooker. From porridge to soup-based dishes, we were really thrilled with the many functions of this rice cooker!

1 Instant Noodles

Yes, we cooked instant noodles in this rice cooker! Goes to show that you can do without fire and pot to make your soup based dishes. This Philips rice cooker suffices for simple dishes at your office or home if you’re someone who is afraid to of cooking over fire (I still do have friends like that so this might be a life saver).

          Medhatter-PhilipCooker6        Medhatter-PhilipCooker4

Although it may take a little longer than usual to cook your instant noodles (probably because we cooked 4 packets at a go), it still cooked really decently, just like anything out of a cooking pot. The bonus: It allows you to keep your food warm and it is fire-less! 

2 Porridge

Of course, any mother knows that the rice cooker is great for turning out a big pot of porridge effortlessly. Just throw all ingredients in, and wait for the cooking to be done. But being kitchen newbies, we found it so satisfying to make our own porridge right in the office. 


For flavour, we added bits of broccoli, carrot and pork belly, and voila! The porridge was cooked without any effort, and tasty too. 

Despite the many different selections, instructions of this rice cooker are pretty easy to follow:


As you can see from the picture above, there are a few basic selections, so it really isn’t that difficult to operate the cooker though it may take a bit of getting used to if yours is a basic rice cooker.

Savvy cooks find the rice cooker invaluable for one-dish meals – a boon for working women (and men) and busy mums of school-age kids. Use it to make claypot dishes like sar hor fun and chicken rice. Try readymade chicken rice mixes like the ones by Kee’s and Prima. Stir the paste into the rice, add boneless chicken and sliced garlic/shallots, and you’ll have a fragrant meal in no time. You can even steam veg by popping in a basket of Shanghai greens just before the rice is done. Be adventurous and try making chicken biryani or even a cake. 

All you need is a smart rice cooker like this no-fuss one from Philips. Now, isn’t that a fabulous aid to help you add to your kitchen repertoire?

This rice cooker retails at $129!

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