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Review: Gummi Nails

Review: Gummi Nails
Priscilla Peck

Girls, ladies, women. One thing that girls would instantly agree on is making their nails look beautiful and healthy. Whether you beautify it through regular manicure and painting or just in black polish, every girl would want to have fabulous nails. We were given the honour to try out Gummi Nails Nail Polish Wraps and we are here to share with you our experience with these polish wraps!



What are polish wraps some of you may ask. Nail polish wraps are nail stickers that come in an array of designs and colours for you to choose from to beautify those pretty nails of yours. And maybe we are spoilt for choice. But these nail polish wraps are a quicker alternative to nail arts and manicures, and probably cheaper too! 


What I liked about this was that it came in many different designs to choose from, rather than the usual basic nail polish colours. It is also quick to apply on, taking only about 30 minutes in total to do so. So for all the lazy people out there, it is something to rejoice about. 

As from the picture, there are 20 nail wraps, so for one set of Gummi Nails polish wraps you get, you get to use it twice. Along with a free nail buffer and a cuticle stick. 

While it was quick to apply on, it was not as easy to apply it nicely on your nails. For me (and maybe because it was my first time using), whenever I had to fold the ends of the wraps to buffer away the excess, it would end up creasing on the sides and can become a little unsightly. Of course I’ve seen people apply it with so much ease and it still looked really pretty. 

It is not entirely impossible to keep it smooth and crease-less, it just takes practice to get it right. Gummi Nails are made an quick and easy video to show viewers how to do it right. Click on it! I assure it’ll make your lives easier. 

What you would need other than the items in the package to put on the polish wraps are:

  • Base coat
  • Top coat

Just like any other nail polishing steps, you would always need the base coat to protect your nails, and the top coat to ensure longer-lasting nail wraps. 

One of my biggest mistake while doing the nail wraps was removing the sticker and trying to apply it back on my nails because the alignment was wrong. Well, you cannot do that at all. If you peel it off after the first time you stuck it on, even seconds after so, your nail wrap will be ruined. I’ve tried different ways trying to make it stay, but to no avail. So biggest advice: just leave it on.

Another problem I had was that the size of one of the nail wraps was too wide for one of my fingers, which meant it would look really strange on my nails. My best advice to give to those whose nails did not fit is to cut away the excess first before taking out the plastic sheet and apply on your nails. 

Quick summary of my experience with Gummi Nails polish wraps:


  • Quick to apply
  • Variety of designs
  • Don’t have to spend hours waiting for nails to dry because it is stickers
  • Comes with two sets in one package


  • Can be a little pricy; ranges from $5-$16SGD
  • May be difficult to apply for first time users
  • Cannot be removed and stuck on nails again if you want to readjust the position
  • Size was too standardized 

While not everything of the product is perfect, it still has its good. I still enjoyed that it came with an array of designs because I get bored of designs really quickly and it was quicker to apply than painting my own nails. 


  1. Wow.. Simply adwesome . I love to try them as they are truly adorable & love to give my boring nails a new charming look
    FB.. Ashmika Jain

  2. Yun Zhen

    Would love to win because I really love designing my nails. However, nail polish takes up more of my time which I do not often have the time to do so. This nail foils look beautiful and I can decorate my nails in less than half an hour! Saves time and look pretty! Hope to win! :D

  3. Ng Lee Yuen

    I would like to win this awesome manicure as I just love the way that they love nice and adorable. With the nice nails, i feel more confident when talking to others and will not feel shy to show off my well-designed nails.

    Hope to win this awesome manicure =)

  4. This is what I have been looking for!

  5. I want to decorate my own nails so it won’t look so dull

    FB – Esther L Chng

  6. Zheng ally

    Thank you for the review that I enjoyed :) coming from the Facebook contest, I guess the post has already summarized why I want to own the nail wraps in this nicely written checklist:

    Quick to apply
    Variety of designs
    Don’t have to spend hours waiting for nails to dry because it is stickers
    Comes with two sets in one package

    Hope I’m lucky enough to try it out and share my review too!

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