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Review: Good Food Heals

Review: Good Food Heals
Priscilla Peck

The office ladies of the Medhatter team tried the different bentos offered by Good Food Heals and we are here to share about our experience with a healthy lunch day! We share this because we were mostly gorging our appetite out at the coffee shops along our office. 

Our range of bentos were:


There were 4 dressings you could pick from: Korean Sesame, Yuzu Miso, Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar, and Creamy Japanese Sesame. The dressings are all home-made which was nice because it was free from preservatives that way. 

The food looks great and appetising. The colours were appealing to the eyes and just made one real hungry from looking at it, and it smelt great. They came in those cute little bento boxes, totally worthy of one Instagram space. 

It may be a little hard for someone who is not used to eating a lot of greens and healthy food. For me, it took a while before I was used to the taste. I was born to be a pretty unhealthy kid, loving all my fried chicken and oily hawker food. Though the noodles I had were pretty good. The soba was nicely made, along with the beet apple slaws and carrots. The carrots weren’t hard and was easy to consume. 

The fishcakes from the Bangkok Bam set was pretty tasty as well. The green rice from the Mexi Loco set (don’t let the green scare you) was tasty as well, though it was a bit mushy, but I do kinda love mushy rice. Totally on personal preference. 

If you are afraid you would not be used to the taste, add the korean sesame. It would help first-timers a little bit more to get used to the taste. 

We all felt it was a kind of small portion for us. We are mostly quite big eaters so the bento was not filling enough for us. 

image1 (1)

Overall, it was a pretty decent meal though it would definitely take me a little bit to get used to it because I’m just so used to unhealthy food (you should not be having a diet like me). Every ingredient in the bento serves a purpose to better your body condition and it does not take one meal to make you feel a sudden change. 

We encourage healthy living and eating (which is what I’m doing nowadays, cutting down on fried food) because it has a lot more benefits for your body in a long run than junk food. I’m sure we all want to live a long healthy life with beautiful skin, so you definitely do not want to miss out the range of bentos Good Food Heals offers! You can also order detox drinks to go along with your food to make it a full meal. 

Good Food Heals:
+65 6532 7121

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