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Review: Fitbit

Review: Fitbit
Priscilla Peck

(Edited) Our fabulous Medhatter writer, Sequina, is back again with another review this week! 

Today, there are many fitness trackers to choose from. I was given the opportunity to review the Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker and here is my experience with the product. This basic tracker retails at 199SGD.

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The Fitbtit Charge HR comes in 4 different colours. (Black, Plum, Blue and Tangerine). There are also two sizes for this particular product. (Small, Large, and X-Large) The battery, according to the manual, should last up to 5 days, and true to expectation, it lasted around 6 days. At the end of each day, I would sync my Fitbit to my phone. This way, when the battery power is low, you will be alerted via phone or email.


For accurate results, ensure that the sensor is in contact with your skin. The numbers will still register when it’s not worn or in contact with skin, but for accuracy, wear it right. You are also advised to wear the watch on your non-dominant / non-master hand. If you wear the Fitbit on your dominant hand, it’s possible it tracks activity that doesn’t really count, for example when you’re vigorously brushing your teeth.

Fitbit is very user-friendly. Download the app “Fitbit” and sync it to your iPhone or Android phone to get detailed data of your daily status. You need to switch on the Bluetooth feature of your phone for the syncing. The downside of Fitbit is that its not Waterproof so you can’t bring it into the shower or for a swim.

Fitbit allows you to track the number of steps you take, your heart rate, the distance you walk, the number of calories burned and how many steps up stairs you take. You can also track your exercise, sleep, calories consumed and water intake.

Medhatter-FitbitApp2 Medhatter-FitbitApp

However, you have to personally note down the calories and water intake through the app. To track your sleep, go to the app and click the “start sleeping” button. Alternatively, a short-cut would be to tap on your Fitbit 4 times to activate it. Isn’t that convenient! When you wake, you have to click the “awake” button. Fitbit can help you track how long it takes for you to fall asleep, how many times you are restless or awake.  I guess from the readings, I get pretty decent sleep although I wake 3 times during the night. 


The Fitbit app can help you to customize your Fitbit to a whole new level. Use it to set notifications,alarms,customize your display and clock face. The app also provides you with a guide to help when you face difficulties with your product.


Fitbit also has a cool function not found in many other fitness trackers. Fitbit Charge HR has a built in caller id function. When you sync your Fitbit to your phone, your display screen identifies callers when you get a call. Competitive types will like the Fitbit app challenge page where you can compete with friends for different activities. And when you do well, get a reward in the form of a badge like “Sneakers-10,000 steps in a day”.


  • User-friendly
  • Ability to track your heart rate,calories burned,amount of steps taken
  • Caller ID


  • Its not waterproof

All in, I really like this fitness tracker. I personally feel that this is an important item to have for working adults because we are mostly so busy and by the time we get home, we just want to put our feet up. It motivates the lazy to embrace a healthy lifestyle and to start exercising. This is true as Fitbit allows you to track how many flights of stairs you take, I tend to push myself nowadays to take the stairs or walk a little more to hit at least 10,000 steps a day. (Edited: ET)


  1. JuanJuan Tan

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    IG: Cozyblin
    #takeawinningstep and #findyourfit

    • JuanJuan Tan

      I wany to win as fitbit able to track calories burned and bpm while exercising.

  2. Zhen Hui Koh

    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

    IG : frankyess

    FB : Zhen Hui Koh

  3. Ada Thong

    Facebook: Ada Thong
    Instagram: h208217
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    Hope to win this awesome fitness tracker to motivate myself to exercise!

  4. Lee Shu Hui

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  5. Michelle GohOng

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  6. Michelle GohOng

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    FB : Michelle GohOng
    IG: flower_kitten

    I would like to win the Fitbit so that I could give it to my hubby who is a sport fanatic :)

  7. Ang Chris

    FB: Ang Chris
    IG: aquariusfantasy
    #takeawinningstep and #findyourfit

    Exercise is also not my thing. I hope to win it and hopefully the data will motivate/encourage me to challenge myself in achieving a more physically active lifestyle.

  8. Facebook: Jaime chan
    Instagram: preciouz
    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

  9. Ang Chris

    FB: Ang Chris
    IG: aquariusfantasy
    #takeawinningstep and #findyourfit

    Exercise is always not my thing. I hope to win it hoping the data can motivate/encourage me in achieving a more physically active lifestyle!

  10. Koh Jun Jie Jason

    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

  11. FB: Owen Toh
    IG: wencaitoh
    #takeawinningstep and #findyourfit

    Doing workout is part of my life, it is a my perseverance that keeps me going and well worth it. It is a journey to health and a better me to fight for a successful life. I wanna achieve it with Fitbit!


    Great review!
    Fb:Audrey Sim Goh
    Ig: aud_rey_goh

  13. Hope to win this Fitbtit Charge HR to help track my heart rate, activities taken and calories burned.

    FB: Mark Chan
    IG: @igmark
    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit


    Great review!
    I would love to win the Fitbit Charge HR as I hope to use this to kickstart a healthier lifestyle! I use to be quite active in school, but once I started work, life has been pretty sedentary! I believe I don’t even take enough steps a day! Would love to have this device to re-motivate me to start working out again, or on days that I don’t, try to push myself to at least achieve 10,000 steps a day!!
    FB: Audrey Sim Goh
    IG: aud_rey_goh

  15. Sophia Ang

    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit
    FB: Sophia Ang

  16. Nicole tay

    Hope to win this device because it is so convience to track our daily activities.
    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

  17. Jazry

    Aiming for a fitness tracker for the longest time….really hope to start off right with a fitbit!!! With this, hope to exercise more and hope this would be really a good motivation to move my bum more!!

  18. I wanna to keep track on my fitness.

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  21. Jessica Lee

    Fb name: Jessica Lee
    IG : @jess_kitkat
    I want to win the Fitbit because I’ve been procrastinating to exercise diligently and I can’t seem to discipline myself fully to start exercising. Hopefully with the Fitbit, it can help me to track my exercise & gives me more motivation to start my exercise routine!

  22. I want the Fitbit to help me in monitor my fitness level. #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

  23. mira hamzah

    #takeawinningstep and #findyourfit

  24. mira hamzah

    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

  25. mira hamzah

    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

    FB: Mira Mah Watie
    IG: @miramahwatie

  26. June Lee

    FB Name : June Lee

    IG nick : juneleety

    This is perfect if i win it =) It keep track of my fitness level and i can adjust accordingly to how my body feels. Definitely will give me more motivation too when i exercise!

  27. I miss the days running late at night with my running kakis. Hope to win this Fitbit Charge HR so that i can reminimize the days running with them. Who knows it might motivate me to run over to their house just to meet them ! hope i can win this Fitbit Charge HR because a nice gadet is always part of the overall image. It acts as an accessories yet its something that should not be neglected. Like most saying will say, time is precious and every seconds count in the business world. Thie gadet will defintely accompany me through the day from the time where we wake up til the time we sleep. I believe this is more than just a Fitbit Charge HR. In fact its our “best friend” who accompany us everyday without fail and not wanting anything in return. hope to be the lucky one winning this gadet because i am indeed a Fitbit Charge HR !

    #takeawinningstep and #findyourfit
    FB: yvette lee
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  30. Elyn Chan

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  31. Awesome,I have wanted a fitbit for some time now, It would help motivate me to get in shape and track my exercise and fitness!!

    • shared on facebook as Karla Sceviour :)
      Going to instagram in a bit to enter @Ksceviour

  32. Celiss Wang

    I want to win this gadget to monitor my sleeping patterns and behaviors as I only sleep less than 4hours a day!! And I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle by watching my patterns & how much calories are burnt during my sleep closely!!

    FB username: Celiss Wang
    IG handle: Poshberriesweet

    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit #medhattersg

  33. Deve Soh

    I need to win this Fitbtit Charge HR to help track my fitness level and progress as I embark on a new fitness and well-being programme.
    FB: Deve Soh
    IG: @devesoh
    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

  34. jimmy lim

    I nee to win this in order to motivate myself do to workout more frequent and also to keep track of workout progress.

    Facebook: Jimmy lim
    IG: @jimmylinsg

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    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

  35. I always have a problem of being lazy and giving excuses to exercise or worse, overeat! I hope I can get this Fitbit Charge HR to have a change in my lifestyle! It’s time to ‪#‎takeawinningstep‬ to ‪#‎findyourfit‬!

    Facebook: Channing Terence (
    Instagram: C.Ter (

  36. Facebook: jessica he
    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

    Hope to win this awesome fitness tracker to motivate myself to jog n do some healthy exercise

  37. Jo Chua

    FB name: Jo Chua
    IG: jo.chua.56
    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit
    Hope to win to track the total calories I have burnt

  38. Goh Mei Xing

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    #takeawinningstep and #findyourfit

  39. Facebook: Andy Neo
    Instagram: gooners1975
    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

  40. Jo ann

    I would be glad to win this Fitbit! I started a healthier lifestyle for two months now and I’m loving it! This will help me to monitor everything!?

  41. Jonathon Yeo

    I hope to have The Fitbit as it’s a lightweight & comfortable smart watch for my gym sessions as well as keep track of my progress and measures my exercise, diet and sleep. This Fitbit will be my constant companion to keep me informed about my activity levels, giving me a rough idea by tapping on it of my progress throughout the day. I can also check my progress on my iPhone and see number of steps so far, calories burned, how many hours of sleep I got last night and how often I woke up. I’m someone who track calories and foods eaten in a day. So using the Fitbit app will make my food logs a breeze .
    Liked n shared  ‪#‎takeawinningstep‬‪#‎findyourfit‬ IG yeo.jon Facebook. Jonathon Yeo

  42. SheenYa Chan yih ling

    I’m looking for an all-purpose fitness tracker like Fitbit, a device that measures my steps, calories, sleep and heart rate, all day and all night. This doubles as a smart watch to show me who’s calling, too. Wearing Fitbit to my gym or HIIT sessions will be easier because all i have to do is glance at the band while I’m exercising, and it will walk you through reps and rest time. The design of Fitbit is perfect for the city, a weekend getaway or a girls night out. Definitely a must-have fitness watch for me as it will never go out of fashion plus offers the best
    Motivation for my progress towards my daily activity goal.

    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit #medhattersg

    Liked and shared on Instagram sheenyachan, Facebook Yih Ling Chan

  43. I’m kinda fat so I always like to go jogging, brisk walking and line dancing. I would love so much to win it as it can help to track my daily activities, like heart rate, steps, calories and sleep. With it, I can definitely lose weight and live a more healthier life.

  44. #takeawinningstep #findyourfit
    IG: wlee76
    Fit bit is useful because it keep me updated of my progress

  45. Bebe Lee

    I have always wanted to have the Fitbit Charge HR Fitness Tracker as it is able to to track my daily activities and every movement and heart rate. I’m not a super healthy person so I always like to exercise to keep fit, it would be nice that it can help to track the steps, distance travel, calories burn and sleep. Just went for an operation, my heart rate is fast and my red blood cells low. I always feel dizzy but doctor says even dizzy I still got to walk to get well so it would be nice to own a Fitness Tracker to help me track my heart rate to know when it’s time to stop exercising and gotta rest.
    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

  46. Chay Hwai

    When I got older, the fat increases naturally and I don’t sleep so well. Since I am constantly doing exercise like jogging, brisk walking and running to lose weight, I love to have a Fitness Tracker to track my everyday movements and activities, a simple and comfortable one where I can wear it to work, exercise and sleep. I love to know my distance travel, the numbers of steps I walked and run, how much calories I have burnt and monitor my sleep. The Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker would be perfect to help me keep track of my fitness and meet my health goals, so that I can always stay healthy and happy.

    #takeawinningstep #findyourfit

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