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Review: Bounce That Bubble

Priscilla Peck

A month ago, our Medhatter team had a smashing time playing a new type of soccer game called Bubble Soccer! For those of you who do not know what this is, it is a game that requires us to don on this life-size air-filled bubble and start knocking your friends off their feet!Medhatter-BubbleSoccer

The game can take up to 10 players each round, 5 on each team, which would be the recommended number of players to make things exciting, and chaotic. The bubble itself weighs 7kg. Yes, 7kg! It was pretty tough being a petite person and running around with a 7kg bubble. It took every ounce of energy I had to last through the games. 

Within the span of one hour, we played 4 games in total; each lasting approximately 5-10 minutes. Each game had several rounds to be played. 

The first game, called Dodgeball, was to knock everyone of the opposing team off their feet once. You can get up again and help, BUT once everyone of one team had fallen once, it’s game over! 

The second game we played was Captain. We had to select one member as the captain and the captain had to make it to the opponent’s team’s side, without falling. Once the captain has fallen, it was game over too. 

The third game was Bubble Soccer. As the name suggests, we had to score goals in the goalpost and the one with the most goals after the time limit wins!

I enjoyed Bubble Soccer wholeheartedly! It was a great activity to do with your friends, all the screaming and laughing at each other’s failures were really amusing. Not only that, it was a great workout on its own as well! I perspired buckets after the 1st game and by the end of everything, I had no energy or strength in me to do anything or lift anything. 

We would like to thank our trainers for their time and patience as well throughout our game!

bubble1 bubble2

Bubble Soccer Singapore, one of Singapore’s largest bubble soccer provider, is situated at 3 main locations; Kallang, Thomson/Novena, and Kovan. However, they do accept request on your preferred location other than the aforementioned locations. 

Check them out at:

To end it all, do check out our Medhatter having fun tumbling around the field in our very own video!

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