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Review: April’s Bakery at One Raffles Place

Review: April’s Bakery at One Raffles Place
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Tokyo Banana
Thai Milk Tea
Sweet Egg Floss
Taro with Ginkgo Nut


I first heard about April’s Bakery from a friend that came back from Thailand and she was raving about creamy custardy pies from the store. I did some research and found out a new store opened at One Raffles Place, which is way more convenient for me visit as compared to their first outlet in Tampines MRT station.
Despite originating from Thailand, the bakery serves Cantonese-styled pies with a thin, flaky crust filled with generous amount of filling in 11 unique and colourful flavours such as – Green Tea, Black Sesame, Coconut, Sweet Egg Floss, Custard, Red Bean, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Taro, Tokyo Banana and last but not least, Thai Milk Tea, the signature flavour that they highly recommended. They took a traditional pastry and adapted the concept with custard fillings which resulted in a fusion snack that entices consumers of all ages.
My favourite among all is the custard pie. It is creamy, soft and rich yet not too sweet for my liking.
The Tokyo Banana pie has a refreshing banana taste which does not feel artificial. I highly recommend trying this as the flavour is exclusive to Singapore!
Lastly, due to fact that Singaporeans are pretty health conscious, most of the pies are made with less sugar as compared to the ones in Thailand. Fresh coconut juice from young Thai coconut is extracted and condensed in order to make the filling for the coconut pie. The owner believes that to achieve tasty and delicious pie, everything should be fresh and natural.
The pies are freshly baked every day, and more than often, customers have to wait for the more popular flavours. The assorted pies are going at an economical price of $2 per piece, which I feel that are great gifts for colleagues, relatives and friends gathering.
April’s Bakery Singapore – One Raffles Place
1 Raffles Place #B1-38, Singapore 048616
Opening Hours: 7:00am – 7:00pm (Mon – Fri)
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