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Ponder before accepting a job offer

Ponder before accepting a job offer
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Phew. You’ve aced the interview and are thrilled that a prospective employer recognises that you have something valuable to offer. The logical move would obviously be to sign the contract and resign from your current workplace or grab it if you’re unemployed. But wait, whether or not you currently have a job, you should first consider all aspects so you don’t have regrets, or miss other opportunities that might better suit you.

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Reviewing the Offer

It might be prudent to hit the pause button and consider the pros and cons before accepting a job offer.

According to Josh Goh, Director, Marketing & Corporate Communications at Manpower Staffing Services Singapore Pte Ltd, a candidate should consider the “long-term prospects of the job” such as “career progression, career growth and training opportunities”, and avoid focusing on the pay alone.

“Engagement level from the employers and their ability to sell the job or company might affect the applicant’s decision. Timing is crucial too. If the hiring manager takes too long to respond, the candidate will be less interested,” says Antoine Lamy, Director, Michael Page International.


Right Job, Wrong Time

It turned out to be a huge dilemma for 29-year-old *Molly when she was offered her dream job at a reputable organisation.

“The interviewer was upfront about the huge workload I had to manage and this made me reconsider. Eventually, I turned it down because I was not confident about juggling my part-time studies and simultaneously transitioning to a new hectic work environment. Besides, I feel there are still opportunities for career and personal development at my present workplace. It helps that I am working with a supportive boss and team,” she reveals.


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Not all about Prestige and Pay

For 32-year-old *Elias, he turned down a lucrative job offer he was headhunted for because of the uncertainty involved with heading a new department.

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