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Pack Smart

| On 30, Jan 2015

The seasoned traveller sallies forth with minimal luggage. Decide on a colour scheme and you can match basics like a couple of pairs of pants with several tops. If your itinerary includes something dressy like a night at the opera, a wedding you’ve been invited to, or a formal dinner on a cruise, include appropriate wear for the occasion that’s versatile enough to take you on another evening out. For selfies and group photos, throw on a change of scarf or accessory, so you don’t look like you only have one set of clothing.

Start with a list, and use a pen to cancel off anything you can live without.

  • Bring a couple of large transparent zip lock bags for storing clothes to be laundered.
  • Make clothes wrinkle resistant by rolling them up together fairly tightly. The scientific explanation is that by rolling you create a radius bend and this gentle handling allows the fabric to recover with just a bit of shaking out.
  • Heavy items like boots and shoes will go to the bottom of the bag. Next, stack any clothing that doesn’t need rolling eg jeans. I just fold them in half and they fit just right. Then the clothing rolls go on top.
  • Store your unmentionables in old shoe bags, so you don’t have to rummage for them.
  • Use bright, colourful tags to make your suitcase easily identifiable.
  • Go through everything you’ve packed and do one final edit.

And now you’re ready to jet off!

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