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Ocean Park's Halloween

Ocean Park’s Halloween
Priscilla Peck

Medhatter writer is back from her Hong Kong trip and is ready to share little snippets of Hong Kong life and experience! 

We have all heard about stories of The Horror Night at Universal Studios Singapore, aka USS, every year. This year, my friends and I went to Hong Kong’s very own Ocean Park’s Halloween Night and it was an eye-opener experience!

One thing that was different with Hong Kong’s and Singapore’s theme park horror night was that one ticket in Ocean Park granted visitors with a full one-day-and-night pass, with its Halloween activities running throughout the entire day for only HKD300, approximately $55SGD. Totally worth your money, isn’t it?

They had about 8 Haunted Houses around the entire park with different scare level bars to prepare the visitors, which of course, I did not see until I entered the very first haunted house, The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead was rated the 2nd most scariest haunted house of the 8. 



We got there at about 3pm and we only had to wait for about 10 minutes for this attraction before our turn. The haunted house was about a 5-minute and in groups of 8 maximum. This walk brought us through iconic locations of The Walking Dead TV series, such as the prison and Terminus. What scared me the most was the darkness of this haunted house. It was a little light at some spots and at certain points, you just can’t see past your fingers.



The scare actors were strategically placed, some you couldn’t see at all, hiding in the darkness until they jump scare you, which embarrassingly, happened many times to me.

H15 was the highlight of Ocean Park’s Halloween Night 2015. H15 brings user experience to a whole, WHOLE new level. Want to know how your own funeral would be like? Visitors were presented with this chance to experience their own funeral through H15. 



What made this haunted house so special? You have to go through it alone. Yes, alone. Whether or not you are with a group of friends, you would be split up and head into the room one by one. That means, no one shirt to pull on when you get freak out, not that you can do much with your hands in this haunted house in the first place. 

As you can see in the above picture, you would be strapped to this hospital bed and pushed through the haunted house with creepy sounds, random grandmother trying to feed you intestines, and finally the burning furnace.

No worries for those who have felt like they’re actually attending their own funeral and near the brink of death, shout the passcode “Banana” 3 times to escape from death (no pun intended, or maybe a little). 

Here’s a little video that takes you through H15:

The next time you’re thinking of going somewhere for Halloween, the nearest best location would be Hong Kong’s! And that’s it for Hong Kong haunted house! I’ll be back to share more snippets such as food and sight seeing places in Hong Kong in my next posting. See you then!  

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