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Now, ‘ear this

Now, ‘ear this
Ella Tan
  • On October 26, 2015


It’s a Monday, and you’re stressed just thinking of the deadlines, meetings, reports, targets, and demanding clients needing your attention this week?

Instead of reaching for another coffee, take a walk outdoors (when it’s not too hazy). Refresh your eyes gazing at the sky or vegetation, or water if you’re lucky enough to be near a river, pond or fountain.

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At times when your boss is staring at you and you can’t step out or when the PSI is at hazardous levels, resort to the old TCM method for relieving stress. Instead of acupuncture, use acupressure on an accessible anti-stress point.


 ear stress

Even western-trained doctors are convinced it works. Russian psychiatrist, Dr Mark Sandomirsky suggests massaging what the Chinese call Shen men or the Gate of Heaven – the centre of the upper third part of your ear.

 ear point

Believed to strengthen your overall health, decrease stress, and boost energy, this acupressure point is also supposed to suppress inflammation and addiction like smoking and binge-eating. Some believe that massaging it relieves pain in every part of your body.


 ear peace

Use your fingers to massage or if your fingers are too big or your nails too long, use cotton buds. Or try massaging with your thumb with your index finger behind your ear. To focus and calm yourself, look to the left when inhaling and to the right when exhaling. Just move your eyes, no need to move your head.

Try it at bedtime. It might relax you more effectively than counting sheep.


ear counting-sheep


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