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My Top 5 Places to Relax

| On 30, Jan 2015

Everyone has their own way to chill. For me, the last thing I want after a stressful week at work is to be stuck in a crowded room with strangers inviting me to dance. Finding my Zen is the one thing that I look forward to on weekends i.e laughing at my friends’ jokes, eating amazing food (especially dessert) and not thinking about work.

Here’s my personal list of favourite places to relax:

1. Working Title Café

working title cafe(1)

I often hang out in this tiny and ambiguous café at one end of Arab Street. The ambience is laid-back and the coffee is great.  What else do you need? The café is separate from the main dining area, and guests (it’s also a hostel) and customers can play board games and chat till late.

“This café has the best playlist and the most chillax ambience. It’s like being transported away from the hustle and bustle of city life” – Sarah, student, 24

2. Bedroom

scented candles(1)

Ahhhh….my room, my haven. This is where I feel the most comfortable and the place that I can be myself. Like everybody else, the bedroom is the “habitat” where you can do nothing. I like to switch off the lights, light my scented candle and listen to Evening Acoustic playlist from Spotify.

3. Bedok Reservoir Park

bedok reservoir park(1)

As I live in the East, Bedok Reservoir has always been “THE” place for me to do my walks and running. With their boardwalk built over the reservoir, it’s easy to  clear your mind when you’re next to calm water.

4. Starbucks One Fullerton

MBS light show(1)

My friends and I made a pact to meet every last Friday of the month to stay connected and remain close despite our busy lifestyles. Our meeting point – Starbucks One Fullerton. We like to sit out at the patio to enjoy our cuppa watching the MBS Friday night light show.

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