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My Acne Story

| On 31, Jan 2015



Acne. It’s not something that just goes away.  I had cystic acne from when I was 17-19, right after my O-levels. Let me tell you – everyone tries to help by giving tips, but as I discovered, usually nothing works.


Believe me, I tried hard. My parents tried hard. It was mentally tortuous for me to face the world feeling conscious of the red bumps all over on my face despite all my efforts to clear my skin.


I started out with natural remedies like lemon to cure scars, rice flour to make my skin less oily, washing my face with rice water to unclog pores, more creams, even more creams, some made it worse, others made it a tiny bit better and for most, no effect at all. My skin was disgustingly oily and shiny.


Food-wise, I was told to steer clear of milk and chocolate. I never understood why, but it may be because of the fat content or because chocolate is deemed to be “heaty” in the Asian context. I made sure I drank a whole lot of water and green tea to help cleanse my body of all toxins. I was sad, really sad. It was a few good months of staying at home because I never felt confident enough to step out of the house. I still tried everything possible, from sleeping early, to not eating oily food and washing my face even more thoroughly than ever.


Cutting it all short, we finally booked an appointment at the National Skin Centre because it came to a point where I felt like I was the ugliest person on the entire planet (any acne sufferer will understand the misery). As much as I did not want to be on medication, I was desperate for ANYTHING that would clear the acne. I was put on antibiotics for 6 months. It did help a little but not enough.

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  1. Hi i went to see a dermatologist near my area, I’m currently on nimegen(somehow like accutane) for about a week plus, but my acne didn’t go away instead it spread from my cheeks to my chin and it’s getting a lot worst. Do you breakout more after taking accutane or its just keep getting better?

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