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Mask haves

Mask haves
Ella Tan
  • On March 13, 2015

By CECILIA TAN – I discovered the wonders of sleep masks when I received one in an airline freebie kit. I wore it out in the years I used to take 12-hour flights for work.

I found sleep masks so useful that I bought them for friends who work irregular hours and need enforced shut-eye. For some luxury, I would like the Monocle sleep mask. Monocle teamed up with Paris-based cashmere accessories brand Flouzen, to produce this 100% cashmere Angels mask. However, at $150 apiece, it’s too much of an indulgence especially when my cats are likely to pounce on their new “chew toy”. Instead, I’m happy with pretty options costing less than $10 from the Typo store. For something in-between, look for EarthernWarriors Eco Luxe Sleep Masks ($55.60 excluding shipping).

Monocle Flouzen cashmere sleep mask

shop eye shades
Typo sleep mask with slogan, Typo store

shop eye shades 1 cropped
EarthernWarrior- Etsy store

shop eye mask

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