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Ask the Expert – Loving Your Liver

Ask the Expert – Loving Your Liver
Priscilla Peck

Recommended Food

  • Raw plant food, raw vegetables. It is more recommended to eat more vegetables as compared to fruits because of its lower sugar content.
  • A variety of cooked vegetables that should include some starch vegetables, except potatoes. This is to compensate for the lower carb and sugar diet. Starch vegetables can include corn, peas, water chestnut and lima beans.
  • Protein.
    • Any type of seafood as long as it is not smoked nor deep-fried. Maybe some halibut or yellowfin tuna?
    • Poultry, lean fresh red meat. Ground beef and steaks that goes without a saying.
    • Eggs.
    • Beans and legumes.

Our guest doctor, Dr Mark Fernandes, Consultant Gastroenterologist from Gutcare Clinic and has a keen interest in liver disease. According to Dr Mark, “Although exercising after drinking helps to remove the calories from drinking, it may not be enough”. He followed this statement by stating that to burn away 1 pint of beer, which is approximately 250ml and has about 180 calories, it takes 30 minutes. 

Dr Mark shared that the best workouts after drinking would be aerobics or resistance-type workouts. These workouts, such as running and swimming, can help reduce fatty liver by burning away those calories. 


If any of you are worried about your liver, do try out GutCare’s liver scanning! Using a new medical technology called Fibroscan, it can help you find out your liver conditions at an earlier stage as compared to other scanning. This test is also a cheaper and quicker alternative to liver biopsy, and does not cause scarring. You can now find out your liver condition without worrying about any complications that liver biopsy may bring. 

In essence, the most important thing to keep your liver clean and healthy is to eat healthily and of course, exercise regularly. Those hardcore workout once a month just will not do if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle. And for all the friends who just love their alcohol, it’s time to let your liver rest from all that action and drink more water instead.

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