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Lose the excess CNY kilos

Lose the excess CNY kilos
Ella Tan
  • On March 6, 2015

By NATURE SHANKAR - The Chinese New Year fortnight has come and gone; leaving telltale grease on your fingers, crumbs on your lips and the top button of your jeans a pineapple tart away from popping.

To wash away the guilt of overindulgence, shed that excess holiday weight as quickly as possible.

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Washing away is exactly the solution – in other words, Detoxing.

Unlike many other diet fads that have taken the world by storm, a detox is actually good for you, and is one of the quickest ways to rid the body of excess weight, bloat and eliminate toxins!

There are many forms of detoxing, but our top two choices have to be the classic: fruit infused waters and the latest trend: Juice cleansing.

Juice cleansing, the head cheerleader of the detox world, is about replacing daily meals with 6 bottles of nutrient packed juice ranging from a period of 1 to 5 days.

The cold pressed juice detox programs have been steadily gaining popularity here on the little red dot! With positive reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations and social media attention, it’s little wonder the number of juicing suppliers has grown.

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Some of the go to names include Fresh Pressed, featured in the Straits Times and Her World Plus for their range of delicious cleanses. Fresh Pressed juices are designed to pump your body with much needed nutrients, along with live enzymes, vitamins and minerals that bind with harmful toxins, carrying them out of the body!

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Another renowned juicer – JOOB! Most well known for their 3-day detox; their 100% organic, unique blend of six specifically formulated, cold-pressed vegetable juices will provide you with a gentle and nurturing – but most definitely effective cleanse, leaving you feeling great!

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But, going on a juice cleanse might empty your pockets, so try making your own classic detox waters!

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