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LOOKS: No more panda eyes

| On 12, Feb 2015

Why does your friend who stays up partying till the wee hours, not have dark eye circles while you look like a haggard panda despite getting 6 hours of shut-eye? It’s to do with genes we’re told. Some people just have thinner skin under their eyes so that blood vessels show through – appearing bluish because of reflected light. Under-eye skin is tissue-thin (about 0.5mm) compared with skin on the rest of the body (2mm), so if your under-eye skin is even thinner than that, you’re likely to carry shadows under your eyes.

The other reason is age. With age comes a slow-down in skin regeneration and the loss of elasticity. The result, a hawkish sunken look for those with deep-set eyes and half-moon shadows for others.

Along with this condition called periorbital dark circles is the accompanying luggage – eye bags. Older folks can blame it on the sagging that comes with age. For the young, it’s usually caused by fluid build-up because of illness, allergies or too much salt which makes the body retain fluid.

Get more rest. Cut back on salt. Consult an aesthetic doctor for treatment. Looking tired will not leave a good impression socially or professionally.

In the meantime, for a quick fix, try home remedies. While natural ingredients like lemon and pineapple juices are among recommended DIY solutions, I would shy away from anything likely to sting the eyes or be messy (eg turmeric paste or mashed mint leaves). These seem easier:

eye circles potatoes


Either slice or mash raw potatoes (use the blender) to get the juice. You can simply place potato slices on eyes. However, as the juice is more potent as a skin bleach and to reduce puffiness, pound sliced or cubed potato and squeeze the pulp. Soak cotton pads in potato juice (add cucumber juice for greater efficacy) and cover eyes especially the under-eye area for about 15 minutes a day.

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