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LOOKS: No gray areas

| On 12, Feb 2015

You don’t have to belong to the Pioneer Generation to be going gray. Many notice the first sprinkling of salt-and-pepper beginning as early as their 40s, or even late 30s. While we should be thankful if we have gray hair – it means we’re not balding, it’s a bother trying to cover it.

This is because most of us just go white, with white roots starting to show in 3 to 4 weeks after each colouring effort. And white hair is only glamorous if you’re a manga character. For the rest of us mere mortals, white hair is ageing and unsightly but we’re advised not to colour our hair too often as the dyes are damaging, and hair feels like straw if we keep touching up new hair growth.

Liese Ultra Light Brown (1)

Well, the good news in time for the Lunar New Year, is the launch of Liese Blauné from Kao. Pronounced lee-say blone, this is Treatment Cream Colour meaning 60% of it is devoted to treatment. Hair is not just thoroughly saturated with colour but also moisturized and protected by a formula that includes lanolin acid, royal jelly and seaweed extracts.

Liese Blaune TCC Talent (2)

The product has received good reviews for the smooth shiny finish it leaves, and for the no-mess cream and 3-in-1 applicator. The trendy will be pleased with a choice of 5 shades of brown. $15.90 a pack from the usual outlets. Can’t wait to try it!

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