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Drawing strength from tragedy | Page 2

Furbie's Mama

I recalled feeling ashamed, as I clearly had no right to be whining about my miserable life when she was still fighting for hers. Yet the irony was clear to me. In spite of all her setbacks, she was obviously the happier person whereas I was feeling down in the dumps.

She celebrated life, never allowing physical or emotional pain to crystallize into negativity.

Over the past one year, I saw Rose growing frailer and weaker and gradually unable to go out for meals.

It was heart breaking to see her at the Singapore General Hospital, where she was given hourly infusions of Fentanyl to ease her pain. This drug is described as 20 times more potent than morphine.

Yesterday, Rose departed before any of her friends could visit. It struck me how bad things do happen to good people and how this was a case of a friend who was gone too soon.

Thank you for your kindness and grace, RIP Rose. It sounds clichéd but truly, we need to lose what we need to truly appreciate its value.


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