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Like a 19th century barber shop

Like a 19th century barber shop

| On 23, Feb 2015

The pampering. The ambience. The feeling of manly camaraderie. That’s what distinguishes a session at upscale barbershop, Truefitt & Hill (9 Ann Siang Road). It also explains why the clientele is predominantly expat. Locals might be intimidated by the quietly classy shop front.

Top image: Truefitt & Hill, London,

Established in 1805 in London, the oldest barbershop in the world still operates out of its original St James Street premises where the likes of Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and members of the nobility had their sideburns and whiskers trimmed The Singapore shop is just 2 years old but is stamped with the same bygone-era gentleman’s club elegance.


Truefitt interior

All dark woods and vintage paraphernalia (a collection of ancient typewriters to impress Tom Hanks) with chandeliers even, it offers a full range of grooming services. Choose from a menu of haircut, shave, shave and shape, shampoo and styling, beard trim, face massage, manicure in a private room, hair and beard colouring and they’ll even buff your shoes while you’re there.

Images: Ella

Self-sufficient nook – no need to move elsewhere for a rinse

Truefitt seat3 SL s

Shop for grooming essentials

Truefitt shelves3 SL

Great gifts for men

Truefitt accessory SL s


For some reason, men think paying $75 for a haircut is expensive. Maybe because they need trims more often than women, and if they have facial hair to maintain, that’s another $60 for a traditional hot towel wet shave at Truefitt & Hill. A woman would not baulk at the amount especially when you can order a soothing gin-and-tonic or an Old Fashioned cocktail and relax, without fending off offers of additional treatments and packages.

Truefitt & Hill has enjoyed a steadily growing customer base since they opened, but they would like to increase local patronage (currently, something like 2 out of 10 customers are local). And why shouldn’t Singapore men treat themselves to posh grooming?

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