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Letter to My Travelling Self.

Letter to my traveling self
Furbie's Mama










Dear You,

You’re going on holiday soon. This means you can afford to let loose! All good behaviours practiced back home can be temporarily and conveniently forgotten! This means halting on the diet and splurging on desserts. This means having an excuse to pick up ridiculously overpriced souvenirs that you never knew you never needed. But that shouldn’t include forgetting to love the city as if it was your home.China

Remember that recent trip to China where you visited the 张家界 (English: Zhāngjiājiè) National Park? That was where the backdrop of Avatar (the one with the blue humanoids, not to be confused with M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender) was filmed at.

Remember how you finally reached the top of the mountains only to be disappointed by a thick white smog that hung in the air due to all the prohibited smoking? The amount of left behind food wrappers and empty bottles didn’t help improve what was supposed to be an incredible experience. You left, feeling cheated of its overrated hype.

OVERVIEW+-+Harbour+at+duskYou feel slightly disheartened to see those articles on Facebook showing off beautiful before shots of vast panoramic landscapes followed by an after shot of the same landscape now duller from being swallowed up by man’s waste. And in that moment, your heart ached, but there wasn’t much you could do.

Oh but hey now you’re going on another holiday! This is where you can make change. Preserve whatever park you will visit. Remember to throw away that empty bag of chips. Hopefully your considerate deed might rub off on others. Your minuscule action would have saved another site, another landmark, another bit history.

sicilian beachIt’ll be one less disappointing picture on Facebook.

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